Denouncement-declaration by the Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) about the beating of Kostas Paloukis.

The Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) denounces the unprovoked, unnecessary and paramilitary attack of Kostas Paloukis by a team of members of refugee housing squat of Gini building at the National Technical University of Athens – Historical Polytechnic School of the November 17th 1973 uprising.

in the afternoon of June 10th 2016 Kostas Paloukis found himself inside the Gini building trying to locate the area within the campus where an open event under the name “Initiative for an Anticapitalist and Revolutionary ANTARSYA” (Antarsya is a small extra-parliamentary left party) would take place. In his attempt to communicate by cellphone with the organizers of the event, he was surrounded by people who were members of the squat and who demanded his phone to check for photographs. He replied that he is a member of NAR and ANTARSYA and he was heading to the event. After refusing to surrender his phone, these people started to call him an undercover agent and begun hitting him repeatedly on his body and face inflicting injuries.

The historian Kostas Paloukis is well known within the wider anti-capitalist movement. He is known as a fighter of the extra-parliamentary left. The logic which is described by “anyone that we don’t know, is an informer or agent” and the practice of gangster violence (lynch-mob), similar to that of fascist hordes, has no place within the revolutionary and antagonistic movement. It can not have any relation to the anti-authoritarian and libertarian movement. So, as ESE we condemn this practice without a second thought. Such practices are also opposed to the fundamentals and principles of the refugee solidarity movement. If it could ever be possible, in the name of immigrants/refugees to act as lynch-mob warriors!

It is not the first time that people who call themselves “anarchists” attack movement activists and members of leftist organizations and of the libertarian movement. In the area of Exarchia, in Exarchia square, in and around the Politechnic University, students and workers have been victims of “hooligan” attacks. Let us not forget the events of the first day of this past year’s celebration of the Polytechnic (November 17th), when a group had attacked and injured students and members of OKDE (a trotskyist extra-parliamentary party), EEK (Revolutionary Workers Party), Rosinante (Anarchosyndicalist Organization) Among the victims of such practices have also been members of ESE.

The social movement must decisively isolate these practices and those who apply (use) them. Particular responsibility for this weighs on anarchist-libertarian collectives and their general political movement. These individuals and specific groups do what they do by using the term ‘anarchist’.

No pandering, no cover-up, no nursing of the anti-movement violence and its actors. Their practices are not simply foreign to the movement, they are hostile to the movement.

ESE Athens, June 2016

The text in Greek, Spanish.

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