A few days ago early parliamentary elections were called due to the failure of the neoliberal government and its allies to elect a president, which took three rounds of voting in parliament. The party that appears to have benefited the most from this political development, and of resulting political games in handling the financial crisis among the capitalist managers, is the leftist Syriza. Syriza appears by polls to be slightly ahead of the New Democracy party which is the leading party within the ruling coalition.

For us, parliamentarism, representation, and delegation, are the main political aspects of the current sociopolitical system that is rotting and failing. This is an inhumane system of hierarchical and class organization of society, of human exploitation, and individualism. We propose the horizontal and communal organization of society, the elimination of social and economic stratification, collectivism, and participatory management of all public affairs.

The reason why we decided to devote some time to assess and describe these recent developments is on one hand to publicize our view about them, and on the other hand to send a message to one of the most disgusting servants of the system; Those who manipulate information, that is those who are in charge of public brainwashing, propaganda, and mass dissemination of domination (so far) rhetoric. As they are persons that have no voice of their own and act as mere puppets in the hands of their political and economic masters, and this may also be a message sent to the latter ones.

In Greece everybody expected early elections, as it had become obvious that the coalition government would not get the 180 (out of 300) seats needed to elect a new president. The conservatives leading the coalition resorted to this tactic to avoid being the manager of the political situation in the upcoming months, as the IMF and the European Union will again impose a new memorandum to the people in Greece. This means more repression of social and labor movements, more austerity, more totalitarianism, further privatization of public spaces and resources, and further cuts in social benefits.

Apparently, the only ones surprised (or at least pretending to be) were journalists, especially foreign media dedicated to misinformation. In their articles about the early elections’ crisis they highlighted an intentionally exaggerated alarmism. They are very worried about the repercussions of the later developments on stock markets. They all wrote about the same subject in almost the same words. They all approached the subject in a curiously identical way. Reading their reports conveys a feeling of a single sided concern: “The convening of elections worried investors”, “The electoral breakthrough created tension on the European markets”, Stock markets have been nervous”, “stock markets have been affected”, “the stock markets has plummeted”, “markets returned to nervousness” etc.

Also, all the media focused on the scaremongering about the future, with the imposition of austerity measures, which, like their predecessors, will lead us to total slavery: “The IMF suspended negotiations with Greece”, “Will Greece re-balance its economy?”, “Elections also endanger the implementation of adjustment programs of reforms and cuts that are both necessary for the Greek state’s survival” etc.

Of course, the media did not talk about poverty, destitution, hunger, or when some did refer to those “social” problems they failed to relate it to capitalism. No talk of unemployment, the enslavement of the working class, transfer of public resources to transnational capital. No talk on the suffering of a significant part of society, or the mortgage of the future of coming generations. No talk about the real causes of this offensive of neoliberalism worldwide, which they call “crisis”. Do media give a damn about all this? They only use complex terms to describe a very grim situation. They speak of “equilibrium”, “balance of budgets”, “adjustments”, “reform” and “structural changes”. For them (the mainstream media) all the suffering of the lower class in Greece and of any country of the world is necessary, it is called “necessary sacrifices”, while never presenting any real reason for this necessity, portraying it as obvious. This suffering is necessary for those from above, for capitalists, for the parasites who benefit from the labor of the oppressed.

In recent months an abundance of articles in the various worldwide corporate media publications, directly or indirectly support the proposals of the “leftist” Syriza and all of its political branches. Those written by Greek journalists are quite different from those that are written by non-Greek journalists while they are all aimed at an audience unfamiliar with the Greek reality, or at least not have a close daily contact with this reality. Thus, this field offers to distort reality in a subtle way and deceive this audience.

Here it should be noted that these tactics are not used by exclusively leftist journalists. The conservatives use the same tactics as well. For us these two political camps and their servants are two sides of the same coin. In their own way they are both laundering in and sterilizing a new entity within the European political spectrum. Leftist journalists therefore may employ different terminology, glorifying a possible victory in the upcoming election of Syriza. They talk of a “civil (peaceful) society”, the “European Dream”(!), of Greek “citizens”, that through the electoral process by rejecting the “evil rightists” they will delegate their fate and lives to the “good leftists”. They are constantly talking of “citizens”, instead of talking of subjects. They are trying to become the spokesperson of an average outraged middle class citizen. They are doing so, just as the right wing populists do, emphasizing the “citizen’s” role to limit their participation in delegating representatives. They are talking about some so called “European Dreams”, using a vacuum of content and meaning, through a classless vocabulary. After all, this is what we are, empty of content.

At the same time, several publications in other languages than Greek, praise supposedly alternative projects and even supposedly “self-organizing” projects, and presenting them as a “crisis response”. According to them “the cooperative economy, solidarity networks, even social volunteerism, and other welfare related practices, in relation to survival structures (shelter, food, health) have reached a high point, a golden moment“. There is no golden moment, not even an iron one. It is a handful of projects, most of which are controlled by this left coalition (SYRIZA), or during their development they were conquered by “it”, and therefore are completely harmless to the system, not to say that some of them are necessary as to proof tolerance towards alternativism within capitalism.

But why do mass-media want to present their audience with such efforts in the current situation as if these projects are something very important? They want to make the impression that this is the heart of the resistance in Greece. So they present their administrators as “one of the most respected voices of Greek commons”. If someone asks of what commons are they talking about, the answer is that “robust networks of solidarity and cooperative help catalyze this transition to the commons”. Towards commons … We do not expect of course the language of apolitical alternativism to be political and concrete.

If the same articles had been written in Greek, and if they had been published in some Greek counter-information medium, they would have sparked a wave of criticism. Those who participate actively in the struggle against capitalism would wonder how they could have written such crap. Perhaps this is the reason why such publications are aimed at an audience unfamiliar with the Greek reality, and thus do not have the necessary knowledge to judge the content.

They are not just crap. Greek and non-Greek leftists are fed and reproduce hopeful propaganda that suits their local agendas of “another world is possible”, but the transition to this world (the world of the…commons) should be a peaceful, project building self-organization, within the guidelines and borders of the state and of capitalism. The role of the left is that of the patron and organizer of all these projects.

At the same time the Left has a need to show that in fact it does have something different to offer to society, compared to the Right. These supposedly “self-organized” projects give them such an opportunity. This cumulative proposal and tendency is needed by the Greek Left, during this election period, as well as the Spanish and other European Left aligned parties to spice-up their agenda, promoting a “winds of change” kind of feeling in Europe. Associating and aligning all this various Left wing coalitions with an “alternative proposal” which in the future they may call a movement (a movement formed by political hierarchies from above extending an umbrella over some not-so-political entities engaged in alternative economics and social organizing). So, stop kidding us.

However, those who participate in the social and class struggle in Greece know very well what has been and remains the role of this Left (and not just of this left, but that’s another story) in the history of the self -organized projects in which they were engaged, which has been to control, manipulate, sterilize, and lead them towards harmless channels of the system and to serve partisan interests. In the few cases where they encountered serious resistance to their take-over tactics they withdrew only to aggressively engage in undermining or destroying such projects. So, stop kidding us.

To all these servants of their masters, rightists and leftists, we say: “Eat shit!” It won’t be hard to reach it, as you are totally covered by shit.

Instead of epilogue we will conclude with the conclusion of an article published in a counter-information website on the role of television channels and their misinformation in the rebellion of February 12, 2012. We have used it again in the conclusion of our entry “February 12, 2012: the warmest winter night”: “When the rebellion reaches the mass media, as it is expected, their end will be hard, humiliating and unforgettable, and they will they them the ones who will have caused it…”

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