Elections 2015: How could the electoral struggle of the parliamentary left strangle any healthy community organizing and horizontal self-organizing due to their lack of any other potential proposal.

When the traditional welfare state in Europe became obvious that it was not going to survive the onslaught of neo-liberal budgetary/fiscal crisis (an artificial economic crisis according to some or an inevitable fiscal crisis according to others) the consequences on the population were not too far from materializing. The social control and management mechanisms of the state had to fabricate a tool to manage a crisis, in this case we are dealing with is health. Instead of addressing the health needs of the population with some form of health-care within the economic realities caused by the economic crisis it chose to continue privatizing health care and leaving the rest for charity. Unlike the US society, where the welfare state itself was minimal and primitively crude, charity networks have for long take a load of the state’s responsibilities, in Europe there is a very high expectation that all such needs are rights protected by the state for all its citizens. Even when natural disasters hit Southern European states, the public is trained to expect and demand the impossible from the state. In the case of health care needs the state has finally devised a social control mechanism to relieve any resulting political pressure due to this neo-liberal transition.

This mechanism, or shall we say weapon from the armory, is in the form of a left wing party able to orchestrate a “movement” of charity and volunteerism in the form of a new-world alternativism participatory masquerade. What they could not be creative enough to devise on their own that had to borrow from the anarchist/anti-authoritarian/libertarian movement, redefine its anti-state rhetoric to some meaningless (to them) propaganda terminology, incorporate and assimilate what they could, torpedo anything they could not, and vois la: An alternative health care system, run and controlled by the state, with volunteers as employees, and a product of left-wing social democratic ingenuity.

SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) expected to win the upcoming elections of January 25th 2015, may very well be the most dangerous, most evil, highly capable, repression mechanism the libertarian movement has yet to encounter. It is not just a political party as most believe; it is a covert operation to end the December 2008 insurrection and overtake whatever is not militantly guarded and incorporate it into a non-threatening sterilized, free market-capitalism friendly, operation of their own.

Back in 2007, a while before any “economic fiscal crisis” in Greece was mentioned, within the general borders of an Athenian neighborhood south-west of the Parthenon, a small libertarian community assembly had materialized. The initial members who publicized an open call for this assembly came from the extra-parliamentary radical left circles, of anarchist groups, anti-authoritarians, libertarians, and autonomous or unidentifiable political spaces. Those who responded were generally concerned residents who saw it necessary to get directly involved with neighborhood issues, such as access to local parks and public areas, the vehicle traffic and parking on designated walkways, noise, public transport, violence, etc. Within this assembly’s sphere of interests were the concerns around public health, nutrition/food, shelter, etc. Work-teams of this assembly were composed on single issue groups, some evolved to full blown collectives, while others vanished. After the December 2008 uprising those organized in this assembly saw a high value in being able to engage in further organizing and protesting away from their neighborhood, they came in contact with other similar or not so similar groups, with stronger or lesser political agendas. By early spring of 2009 more and more such local social organizations were formed by generally people who met each other and worked together during the uprising.

From this 12/08 uprising the need for sheltering the assembly especially during cold/rainy winter months came the will to occupy (squat) an abandoned small health clinic called PIKPA of Petralona. By associating with a few physicians and other health workers within the assembly and due to the nature of the squat, came the idea to revive its health clinic nature. The initial work-group for health together with another health worker assembly became an autonomous entity called “KXY, the initials for Social Space for Health <Κοινωνικός Χώρος για την Υγεία>”. Primary idea was how people from the community can self organize to take their own health into their own hands. To come up with ideas of how they were to address health needs and problems and how differently would this be done by the health care dictated by the state, specialists, and the multinational bio-medical industrial complex. All this would have to be done within the constraints of limited available time of working people, on the budget of donations from the neighborhood and the movement. Horizontalism, a way of participating in the collective on an absolute equal basis despite of the expertise or knowledge, if any, of medicine and pharmaceutics, to be able to discuss and decide mutually with the direction of the collective, gave this libertarian movement of Athens Greece a possible medal of being the only and first self-organized health clinic. This was all started and developed before any indication of the “crisis” to come. Yet it flourished, it experimented, it developed.

Then the market-economy bells rang. The season of the fat-cows was over, misery and desperation was soon to cover the post-2004-Olympics Athenian, and Greek, society. Fewer and fewer people had health coverage, a growing number of uninsured came with unemployment, health care costs started rising, medicine/pharmaceutics had a fiscal crisis of its own having billions owed by bankrupt workers’ insurance funds, an influx of Afghani and Syrian war refugees with preexisting health problems, etc. Not a pretty sight. A society with top scores among all the European states in health statistics was to become a UN’s declared state of health emergency (not officially but it is). Meanwhile the 2010-2011 movement of “Occupying capital plazas” and direct democracy experiments of the left (and right) brought ideas to directly organize collectives to deal with the crisis. Health became a common example from people trying to “find something to do”. For a while there was total denial that KXY at PIKPA already existed and grew for the past few years. Later it was addressed as a health clinic just like all others dealing with the crisis. The rest were either formed by newly founded neighborhood assemblies with individuals having personal relations (through the shadowy and mystical network of the pink-left – the hippie flowery bureaucrats’ left) with mayors and municipal coalitions who became the middle-men (and women) in finding an unofficially donated space from the municipalities to house their activities, or were directly created by party officials and medical personnel as volunteers.

Some were even on rented commercial space on yet unknown sources of budget and economic ability to sustain their operation. Very few if any actually squatted a space without direct or indirect municipality involvement and coverage. Suddenly, and even for some before, were able to officially declare that they were open for business, an unknown entity, without being able to directly be linked within this network of collectives, appeared as the orchestrator of this “self-organized-solidarity-for-all” health movement. It is as if the federation preceded the entities to be federated. In this “federation” of “Solidarity for All” that we politically experienced entities know too well as been associated with SYRIZA, Pikpa-KXY was invited to participate as one of the many. In subtle ways as one of the many “self-organized” structures dealing with the state fiscal crisis, even though KXY preceded the crisis. Once, twice, KXY attended and broadcasted its criticism of this pseudo “self-organized” partisan construct, aiming to start a discussion on what the differences were, and possibly to affect some of those individuals who were drawn in from their neighborhood assemblies to “work” on these volunteer charity network. If those collectives actually had ongoing assemblies where some could bring up such issues and discuss them this criticism coming from KXY would have been valuable. But it would be silly to expect experienced partisan charlatans to allow such things as true “participatory democracy” or assemblies.

KXY was soon to be “ill intended” non-productive, and disagreeing with “the movement”. Without being kicked out from this party network/federation “Solidarity for all” they made it impossible for KXY to participate. Isolated from this movement KXY still exists and is still engaged in the same struggle of a community trying to address health needs on its own, without bosses, middlemen, municipal support, or political organization affiliation. It is walking down a very dignified narrow and rough pathway. Yet it is identified by the libertarian movement for years and invited to participate in conferences in Italy and Spain, (recently there was a presentation in Madrid and there is an upcoming pan-European again in Madrid on March 2015), while several times a year people from the a/a and libertarian movement visit it in person. Meanwhile Syriza seems to be most likely elected into office in 2015 and this solidarity for all networks will be in the happy or maybe not so happy position of being directed by the state. It will be a first in political history, self-organized, direct democracy, federation of clinics, run and directed by the capitalist state. Just thinking about it makes people laugh and cry at the same time. Those who should be crying the most should be those fools who have contributed their time and maybe money, for months if not years, to really serve their local community under those charlatan politicians calling themselves the left. It should be an insult to the left itself to be associated with this neo-liberal construct. There are no limits, ethics, or values that guide this political space. They are ruthless and capable of anything.

Not only is Syriza manipulating, exploiting, and using people already before they take over the state, they have based their campaign on substance unknown and foreign to their politics. It is a political space in the service of deeper state and capitalist class mechanisms to undermine, incorporate, and assimilate any parts of a social movement threatening the establishment into tightly controlled pockets of the same state they organized to oppose. And this is a case study in terms of health care, this Syriza plague has done pretty much the same trick in many other social and labor issues. They have built a portofolio of alternative proposals to solve social problems and address many public issues, without themselves ever really getting involved in anything. One thing is for sure than in the past six years at least, wherever some called a new assembly inviting a community to collaborate and organize something, Syriza members would appear to either take over or undermine the effort. Those same innocent progressive faces will soon be filling cabinet positions in ministries and state agencies.

It is fascinating and alarming at the same time. It is a face of the neo-liberal state not yet seen elsewhere but tested and refined in the experimental European (EEC) pilot area called Greece. If there is more to this crisis past its economic visible components, it is a crisis in political values. The right, center, and left, can hardly be distinguished anymore. They have all turned to this ugly gray shade of manipulation and exploitation towards total social control. Their dogma is to silence any voice apart from their own. Those of you overseas and away should keep an eye on the political developments In Greece as this may be a small pick of what the future looks like for mankind. That is if a way to abolish state and capitalism is not found.

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