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After an internet service provider (ISP) Hellas OnLine succeeded in transferring most of their employees to another company, two major cellular phone carriers followed their example by transferring most of their employees to a common subcontractor.  300 of Vodafone’s and Wind’s employees transferred to a contracting company which was founded a few months ago for the exact purpose, without obtaining the consent of their workers.  The newly founded contractor is name Victus Networks SA and the only shareholders of this company are Vodafone and Wind, with each holding a 50% stake at their contractor.

At Hellas OnLine workers were called to sign their resignation voluntarily and be sign-up at a new contractor with a three month temporary contract and with significantly lower wages.  If they denied they would just be fired.

Vodafone and Wind have “advanced” further in revealing the true face of neoliberalism.  According to the employers the transfer would take place “automatically” and this is an arbitrary interpretation of a Presidential decree that gives the right to an employer to transfer employees from one organization to another.  The employers, however, failed to mention the most important: of conventions that are is still enforced.

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