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In 2012 Coca Cola (Greece) decided to shut down their redistribution centers in Rhodes, Corfu and Messolonghi, as well as their factories in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, while they announced job cuts at their plant in Volos.  In October 2012, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (Coca-Cola HBC AG) announced that it is moving its headquarters to Switzerland and its shares from the Athens Stock Exchange to London.  This company was one of the largest in Greece, with subsidiaries in 28 countries and a gross sales of around EUR 6.9 billion in 2013 alone.

The next round of layoffs occurred in October 2013 cutting another 33 jobs in the distribution center of the company in Thessaloniki. The layoffs resulted on a strike by workers.  In November 2013, the company sued the members of the Federation of Workers in the Sector Bottling union members and workers in Thessaloniki, demanding 250,000 for damages allegedly had Coca-Cola because of the protesters who had alleged that the company moved its facilities to countries where the cost of production to the employer is lower and inhuman working conditions.

The dismissed workers began a boycott of Coca Cola products in protest at the closure of several production units in Greece for the layoffs of hundreds of workers, cut hundreds of jobs, and  transfer production to Bulgaria, (which is cheaper for multinational corporations in terms of labor costs).  Workers accuse Coca-Cola of hypocrisy, since the multinational advertising company mentioned “business programs of social responsibility” while simultaneously dismissing workers in order to maximize their profits. Read the rest of this entry »

 ​​ News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June ​​ News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June ​​ News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June ​​ News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June
On Wednesday the 18 June, was a day of strike action in the book industry. Our Union together with several colleagues from other worker’s unions, collectives of workers and of the unemployed, neighborhood assemblies, student unions and other initiatives, in total over 200 people, began a series of strike actions.

From early on in the morning, round about 8 o’clock we began with strike picketing at bookstores and publishing houses to be found at the juncture of Solonos and Ippokratous street (Hristakis, Tsigaridas, Sakoulas publishers, Livanis, Pyrinos kosmos). At the same time leaflets where shared to passers-by, whilst through our sound speaker system you could hear songs and strike announcements.  Following this, at about 11 am, we proceeded with a strike barrage of the bookstore Politia. At the same time as this strike action took place, our strike gathering began at the street corner of Solonos and Asklipiou street, where from 12 o’clock and after began our strike march. The march moved through Solonos, Benaki and Stadiou. Our main banner wrote “Down with labour conditions from the middle ages – organization and collective resistance from below in every workplace”. The march arrived after a while at the ministry of labour. Our long standing request to meet with the leadership of the ministry was not accepted. Read the rest of this entry »

The 24-hour nationwide strike of Vodafone employees held Friday, Feb. 28 2014 was a great success. The strike was called against the establishment of the “new company “/ subcontractor of Wind & Vodafone, where they plan to transfer the bulk of technical staff. During the strike a new general assembly was called at the Palini (Attica Greece) headquarters which decided to escalate protests by calling two more 24 hour strikes, for Friday March 7th and Monday, the 10th, which are the two days that management plans to transfer workers to the new company without proper notification and consent of the employees.

On Monday March 10th a new general assembly is called to assess the situation and plan the course of action. For a year now our employee unions (of Vodafone & Wind) decisively and steadily resist the transfer of technicians to the “new” subcontractor company, complaining that it is just a plan by management for the sole purpose of dividing up workers in separate companies, to weaken their unions, and thus to diminish the effects of the acquired rights fought for by the unions. Eventually their primary goal for this transformation is to abolish the Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect. Read the rest of this entry »