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On Sunday afternoon (Feb. 2nd 2014) in Mesologgi Greece a battalion of heavily armed police (riot unit, Counter Terrorist Unit, Crime Unit OPKE) stormed the social action center “Apothiki” with a district attorney’s order, at the absence of a District Attorney as usually required in such operations, and have detained 16 members of the center, during an assembly meeting, of which 9 are under the age of 18. Possibly due to the center’s participation and co-organizing of a local anti-fascist anti-capitalist rally tonight (Feb. 2nd 2014).

The social center space has been granted by permit of the public radio station that is housed in the same building, and the directors of the station have since been notified about the illegal invasion. Later reports call for charges for intentions to occupy a public building (referring to an abandoned public library “Valvios” that was evicted last summer), possession of weapons (based on the flags/poles inside the social center), disrupting community peace, and for which they will face a prosecutor tomorrow and a trial will be scheduled.

A nearby squat collectivity (that was evicted this past summer) has published a call for solidarity to all class/social struggling entities to broadcast and intensify their actions against the latest wave of totalitarianism we experience here in Greece by the newly appointed European Presidency. Read the rest of this entry »