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Demonstration in the rain about the suicide of a Praktiker employeeBackground Information: On February 3 Stefanos Valavanis, an employee of the Praktiker Hardware Store at Egaleo, committed suicide at his home. Just two days before the company was forcing him into “voluntary” resignation in order not to pay him any compensation as he was legally entitled to.

About 200 people gathered in the Estavromenos square of the Athenian suburb of Egaleo around 12:30 and started marching towards the local Praktiker* store. The cold and rainy weather may have inhibited a more massive turnout, but those who marched had a dynamic presence on the street. The march was well guarded and loud slogans resonated through the entire neighborhood. The radical and subversive tone of overthrow displaced the politically passive and submissive silence. We crossed Iera Odos (the areas central commercial avenue) with the “discreet escort” of police. Shortly before reaching Praktiker the presence of two platoons of riot police became less discreet as they took their position in front of the store.  The store had shut the large underground parking area and had stretched thick wire mesh in the facade. The demonstrators demanded the riot police squads to move away from the entrance so we got right in front of the central entrance. This had as an effect the Praktiker’s store internal doors to be locked down while the adjoining grocery store remained open. We stayed for about 20 minutes shouting slogans and distributing leaflets inside and outside the building and drew slogans and threw red paint on the facade of the store. Then we all marched to the metro station of the Agia Marina which is within a short walking distance from the Praktiker and then returned to the Estavromenos square where we had started. Read the rest of this entry »