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During the past week in Greece we are witnessing a new phenomenon of repression, based on the excuse of the hunt for a 50+ year old Marxist militant escapee (Chr.Xiros a convicted member of the 70s urban guerilla group “17th of November”), by the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) of the Greek police which has gone on an adventurous run of invading the personal and family homes of anarchists in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Below is a cumulative report of the cases reported to alone, while there are reports of more invasions to homes not yet reported at this counter-information website.  In some cases any findings that could possibly constitute a criminal charge has been used to detain, prosecute, anarchist activists. This is done without substantiating any evidence or relative excuse of why would they be selected as suspects of harboring a fugitive other that police files that describe them as anarchists.

Mainstream/establishment’s media briefly report on this campaign by the CTU without any details of why those search invasions are conducted and what are the criteria of selection of those targeted. Here’s a chronicle of the past 6 days of the number of home invasions/searches that have been conducted, how many trials took place, and how many comrades were charged and/or sentenced. Read the rest of this entry »