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In this post we publish a text of the Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza about an a political action that took place in the Acropolis of Athens and the center of the town against against the racist anti-refugee policy of the European Union.

Political Action against the racist anti-refugee policy of the European Union

Today the 5th of September a group of activists made an intervention in the Acropolis and later in Ermou Street (main shopping street in Athens) to demand the end of the murder in the Mediterranean sea and all other borders.

The action was organized by the squatted refugee accommodation and solidarity space City Plaza and was happening in the frame of an broader, transnational campaign “Welcome united”. Due to the policy of the European Union and their partners, the official number of death in the Mediterranean sea only in this year is around 2365 innocents, and the black number is way higher. We demand all the ones who are in charge to immediately stop this policy, which kills people and is discriminating those who make their way here spite the humiliating conditions. Instead of that we demand to open the borders and create safe passage for people. Read the rest of this entry »

In this post we publish the program of a two days festival for anarchy and libertarian communism that will take place in Patras. The festival has been organized by the anarchist group “Disinios Ippos”.

Friday, April 28

-7 p.m. Event-discussion: The destruction and looting of nature and society by the state and capital. Centralization and commercialization of water resources.

Prologues from:

a. Anarchist group “Cumulonimbus”: The value of water and its (indirect) privatization in Corfu.

b. Anarchist group “Disinios Ippos”: Wars for water. The dam of Piros-Parapiros and the exploitation of the water resources in northwestern Achaia.

c. Initiative of Struggle for Land and Freedom: The on-going operation of the hydroelectric dam of Mesochora and the struggle for the defense of Acheloos river and of the local communities against the disaster plans and the annihilation.

-Screenings of short films: Abuela Grillo (animation for the struggle against the privatization of water in Bolivia) Felony (science fiction from a dystopic future). Read the rest of this entry »

History and critique is the fuel of all revolutionary struggle

In this post we publish a response to the post “A comment on the event in solidarity with the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities” published in our web site a few days ago.

To whom this may concern, if I was part of the editorial team I would have advised to refrain from publishing your comment before some matters can be addressed in a personal communication and with the good will to reconsider.  Even though your frustration with how things appear to the outsider may seem reasonable, they reflect a form of elitism of how things may and should be handled ideally.  I will try to explain on what basis this may seem as elitism but I will also try to avoid any excuses for any perceived side.  The other reason I feel obliged to respond is that I too have been periodically involved with the assembly that organized the event but by no means do I wish to represent the collective.  I wouldn’t even advise any assembly to respond to personal criticism as this practice may short-wire the process of any collective entity sending it in endless loops of developing counter arguments on a dialog with an individual.

If you undertake a more precise search on literature published in Greek you may find various collectives that have either specialized or referred to the Zapatistas and their development.  AKA for example is an anarchist group that has published an article appealing to the general movement about the subject. There have been other entities recently that have also published documents about the struggle of the Zapatistas.  There are others and have been more in the past that were “assembled” as collectives based on the subject and then dissolved only to form yet new groupings.   These seem as healthy signs of a movement under constant reconsideration and evolution. Read the rest of this entry »

In this post we publish an email we received from a person who is not a permanent resident of Greece, and who attended the event “in solidarity with the rebel Zapatista autonomous communities”, held in the evening of July 12, 2014 in Athens. We neither adopt nor reject what is written in this email in its entirety. We publish it because we think it is interesting for both its content and the point of view which approximate the event.

After noting on your site the call for an event “solidarity to the Zapatista rebel communities” I decided to attend the event accompanied with a Greek friend who loosely belongs to the extra-parliamentary left. The reason I visit websites such as yours quite often is to discover what is happening in the wider (anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalist) movement in Greece, where I am living for a few years due to employment. Relatively few activities and political documents are translated from Greek to other languages. For those whose native language is not Greek, participating in activities and organization has proven not to be very hospitable. Generally the prevalent climate is that of personal relationships and acquaintances among comrades that make newcomers seem very self-conscious and perplexed (this may very well also apply to local newcomers as it is to foreigners).

The subject of Zapatismo, and more generally of social organization of the marginalized peoples of Latin America, has been a prime interest of mine for many years. Indirectly, I try to keep myself abreast on the developments there and at the influences of these movements on other parts of the world, primarily in North America and Europe. To be honest, I didn’t go to the event that you published to inform myself, but to see how Zapatismo is used as a mobilization tool, by what kind of political entities, why is this subject promoted, how is it adopted, and how it generally affects the local movement. Read the rest of this entry »

Athens, July 12: Solidarity Event to the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities Saturday, July 12th, at 6pm, in the small theater of May Day (Protomaghia) Square

Informational event, discussion, video projection, concert

For the economic support of the Zapatista autonomous structures in the community of La Realidad that were destroyed during the attack by paramilitaries , where comrade Galeano was killed.

“In the earliest hours of the morning on the first day of the first month of the year 1994, an army of giants, that is to say, of indigenous rebels, descended on the cities to shake the world with their step…

For us … What began in 1994 was one of many moments of war of those from below against those from above, against their world…

This war of resistance is fought day in and day out in the streets of any corner of the five continents, in their countrysides and in their mountains.

Against death, we demand life.  Against silence, we demand the word and respect. Against oblivion, memory. Against humiliation and contempt, dignity. Against oppression, rebellion. Against slavery, freedom. Against imposition, democracy. Against crime, justice.

All this in the midst of a war that was no less lethal because it was silent. Kill or die as the only destiny? Or should we reconstruct the path of life, that which those from above had broken and continue breaking? Read the rest of this entry »