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Seventy years after World War II and the defeat of fascism, Europe is facing the challenge of a Nazi, racist far-right on the rise. Racists and Nazis however definitely have an opponent who keeps growing stronger: the massive and pluralistic movement fighting in the streets all over Europe, not only against fascist terrorism but also against those who sustain and protect it: anti-grassroots policies, arbitrary police behaviour, neoliberal totalitarianism itself and the system trying to impose it.

On April 11th, 12th and 13th 2014, resistance met in Athens and through assemblies, political events, workshops and discussions we shared our experiences and made a significant step to organizing our cross-border solidarity and a concerted struggle against fascism all across Europe. We sent out a strong message against fascism, sexism, racism, state totalitarianism and the deadlock of capitalism.

The Assembly concluded the following:

– To designate Saturday November 8th, 2014 as common day of action across Europe, considering that Sunday, November 9th is the black anniversary of the “night of pogroms”;

– International days of commemoration and solidarity on the dates of assassinations of antifascists by fascists by organizing symbolic mobilizations in cities or embassies; Read the rest of this entry »

European Anti-fascist Meeting in Athens, 11, 12 & 13 April 2014For a Europe free of fascism, racism and sexism in a world of freedom and social solidarity

Seventy years after World War II and the defeat of fascism, Europe is facing the challenge of a nazi, racist far-right on the rise. In times of economic crisis and of harsh attack against workers’ and peoples’ rights, especially the rights of southern European peoples, from France to Ukraine (with the nazis in power) and from Norway to Greece, xenophobic and intolerant parties and groups start having influence on the society, even on poor and excluded popular classes all over Europe. They have begun to play a part in formulating political developments and getting involved in societies, schools, the streets, working-class neighborhoods, as well as national parliaments and state devices, most of all the police.

The rise of the Nazi, racist far-right did not come out of the blue. This was triggered by European governments’ anti-immigration policies, by the rise of islamophobia, by the concept of a Europe-fortress, by the mainstream media’s terror-hysteria and xenophobia; it is fueled by the development of various nationalisms, as a misguided answer to capitalist globalization, to the unaccountability of imperialism and the demonization of cultural differences; it is accelerated by the upsurge in state repression, the cancellation of the rights of large parts of the working class and the outbreak of unemployment; it is encouraged by the social fragmentation and identity crisis of large parts of the population, by the backdrop to traditional values (homeland, faith, family etc), the strengthening of sexist and patriarchal patterns, militarist and macho social models and behaviors; it is legitimated by the corruption and unreliability of the political system in power, by the lack of radical anti-systemic political action in the past few decades and by the ideological confusion of large parts of the working class. Read the rest of this entry »