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Text of the Autonomous Struggle Meeting, about the case of the Acheloos river diversion and the operation of the hydroelectric dam in Mesochora village.

The operation of the hydroelectric dam in Mesochora village and the hydroelectric factory nearby, will be responsible for the destruction of Acheloos river, while the diversion of the river will cause major disasters for both natures and the human communities around there, as large areas will sink into mud, biotopes will disappear and houses will be evacuated from the so called Public Power Corporation, so that the dam and the factory can be put into operation.

Following the policy of previous governments, the “left wing” government of Syriza continues to promote the interests of private companies, giving the green light to the operation of the dam. There is a plan on privatization of the social resources (like water) and their exploitation by large companies. The Acheloos dam is a part of it, as the state continuing wastes huge amounts of social wealth for the construction and the maintenance of dams and factories that have devastating effects on the environment and society, and which will be given to individuals for their own profit. Read the rest of this entry »

Autonomous meeting of struggle at Acheloos river for the 7th consecutive year in Mesochora Trikala, August 13-17 2014Autonomous meeting of struggle at Acheloos river for the 7th consecutive year in Mesochora Trikala, August 13-17 2014

Camping on the riverbank, speeches, open assemblies, video projections and reports from struggles for nature, river tours and hiking on the Pindos mountain range

Wednesday, August 13th 9 pm,
Video projection in the central plaza of Mesochora about  Acheloos and the struggle against its plundering and destruction

Sunday, August 17th 11 am,
Gathering in the village square and marching to the dam

Against green development, the dams and the rerouting of the river

From Acheloos to Northeast Chalkidiki, struggle for land and freedom Read the rest of this entry »

On Thursday May 30, 2013, at around 21:30 pm, five people in a private car in the center of Athens abducted Bulut Yayla a Kurdish (Turkish citizen) political refugee. At that time the 24 year old Yayla was leaving a small Kurdish restaurant, when five people pounced on him, beat him and threw him in their car, covering his eyes and mouth. Four of the five kidnappers got into the car and vanished, while the fifth walked to where a Greek police patrol car was parked, for a few minutes after the incident.

The Kurdish political refugee kidnapping took place in front of some people who came to listen to the victim for help. Some of  them recorded the license plate of the car (ZKI 8462). Relatives, lawyers and fellow investigating the issue contend that the unmarked car belongs to the Greek Police. Police officials denied all allegations and involvement and ordered an official inquiry on the issue;  after the delivery of the victim was complete.

The next day the Greek Police moved the kidnapped victim close to the Turkish border, where they handed him to the Turkish (counter) terrorism agency.  Throughout the mission he was wearing a hood and continued till the time he entered the Turkish agency van, according to the complaint filed later by the kidnapped. The vehicle crossed the border through an opening in the fence, bypassing customs control. Past the border he was forced into another vehicle and  another group of cops took charge of his transfer to Istanbul, some of whom spoke English, Turkish, and more … Read the rest of this entry »