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Elections 2015: How could the electoral struggle of the parliamentary left strangle any healthy community organizing and horizontal self-organizing due to their lack of any other potential proposal.

When the traditional welfare state in Europe became obvious that it was not going to survive the onslaught of neo-liberal budgetary/fiscal crisis (an artificial economic crisis according to some or an inevitable fiscal crisis according to others) the consequences on the population were not too far from materializing. The social control and management mechanisms of the state had to fabricate a tool to manage a crisis, in this case we are dealing with is health. Instead of addressing the health needs of the population with some form of health-care within the economic realities caused by the economic crisis it chose to continue privatizing health care and leaving the rest for charity. Unlike the US society, where the welfare state itself was minimal and primitively crude, charity networks have for long take a load of the state’s responsibilities, in Europe there is a very high expectation that all such needs are rights protected by the state for all its citizens. Even when natural disasters hit Southern European states, the public is trained to expect and demand the impossible from the state. In the case of health care needs the state has finally devised a social control mechanism to relieve any resulting political pressure due to this neo-liberal transition.

This mechanism, or shall we say weapon from the armory, is in the form of a left wing party able to orchestrate a “movement” of charity and volunteerism in the form of a new-world alternativism participatory masquerade. What they could not be creative enough to devise on their own that had to borrow from the anarchist/anti-authoritarian/libertarian movement, redefine its anti-state rhetoric to some meaningless (to them) propaganda terminology, incorporate and assimilate what they could, torpedo anything they could not, and vois la: An alternative health care system, run and controlled by the state, with volunteers as employees, and a product of left-wing social democratic ingenuity. Read the rest of this entry »

Kostas Sakkas (KS) was accused of involvement in the organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”, was first detained in spring of 2010 and released in July 2013, after 38 days on hunger strike, and the manifestation of a huge wave of local and international solidarity movement (twitter: #Sakkas #FreeSakkas #Free_Sakkas).  On his case the constitution and the penal law relating to time limits (of 18 months) of detention without trial was shredded.  The release was accompanied by extremely restrictive conditions (concerning his residence, frequent appearances to authorities, and radius of free movement).  On January 7th, KS was re-arrested and taken to the Three-Member Misdemeanors Court of Athens, in the case of a flagrant because of a few hours visit to a friend’s home. The accusation was ridiculous and completely unfounded in law: (breach of the restrictive condition of permanent residence at his family’s home!)  He was tried and acquitted because the court found that the intra-day friendly visit to another house did not constitute a change of permanent residence; therefore, the restrictive order placed on his release was not violated in any way.

However, the repressive mechanisms could not acknowledge the failure of their design; they wanted KS back to prison. KS should return to prison at any cost to the credibility of bourgeois institutions. [Not because KS did something, but in a way it was a response, by the bourgeois regime and repressive mechanisms, for the discrediting disappearance of Christophoros Ksiros (November 17th convicted member on leave after a lengthy imprisonment).  Also, due to the publicity received by the great solidarity movement to another anarchist prisoner, Spyros Stratoulis who after 61 days of a near lethal hunger strike (protesting the interruption of his right to periodic leave) was acquitted in court, which was the reason for revoking his right to periodic leave,  provided and entitled by law]. Read the rest of this entry »