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No Border Camp: Thessaloniki 15-24 July 2016The calling for the No Border Camp events, celebrated at the University Campus of Thessaloniki, in the centre of the town.

Today, with neoliberalism established across the planet, it is clear that capitalist relations are being intensified, together with nationalism and patriarchy. Fences and borders are being built not only in the physical space, but also across social relationships. However, the movements and transnational struggles of migrants are constantly producing new cracks in the system, new thresholds and pathways into an unexplored world.

More specifically, transnational and global agreements further liberalize “free” markets and the lifting of tariff restrictions further ensure property rights for the wealthy. At the same time the former social contract of the welfare state is breaking down and the neoliberal state is claiming the role of manager-partner of companies, keeping for itself solely the army and the police in order to retain some of its administrative and legislative power. Gender oppression, racism and fascism are being movilized for the control of populations.

However, social struggles in the form of riots, rebellions, campaigns and movements both before and during the process of this recent “crisis”, seriously challenge all this. Prime examples are the riots in the French banlieues in November and December 2005, the Oaxaca Commune in 2006, the riots in December 2008 in Greece, the magnificently widespread Arab Spring in 2011, the Indignados Citizens Movements in Spain in 2011, the London riots in 2011, the “Occupy” movement in the USA in 2011 and 2012, the uprising at the Gezi park in Istanbul in June 2013, the Brazilian Spring in 2013, the uprisings in Bosnia and other Balkan States during 2013-2014. Read the rest of this entry »

This is a first report as of late July 2015… To be continued – hopefully-.

After a 35 year existence of a political/social movement (current), loosely referred to as an anarchist /antiauthoritarian movement, which in many cases it included organizational branches and individuals of the radical Marxist left, Marxist and anarchist autonomy, pacifist libertarians, and after several attempts to create an anarchist organization to link and unite all those independent collective entities and individuals (who couldn’t find themselves within a political collective) had failed, on December 2012 a more serious call appeared to reattempt to form such an organization. The initial call dated Dec.19 2012 came from 4 influential and long standing collectives after a lengthy discussion between them on how to address the need for further organization. Apparently this created a wide interest by several other collectives from Athens and the rest of Greece which became a complex process on how to develop commonly announced proposals towards organization and of political positions on the most important issues that anarchists frequently have positions on. The detailed content is yet unknown.

Outside the sphere of those collectives that participated in the effort for nearly two years there was silence and anticipation that something serious was baking in the oven. Some could smell and speculate but increasingly there was curiosity on what could possibly take so long. Eventually the silence broke from a dissatisfied collective called ASMPA (Anarchist Collective towards the Militant Proletarian Reconstitution) who apparently left the effort after a fierce disagreement with the rest on whether a collective (Kathodon) should and could be amongst the rest. This was a reminder and evidence that this effort was ongoing and it was widely supported by nearly 20 collectives from all around Greece. Read the rest of this entry »

In the recently a discussion started by the insurrectional nihilist direct action proponents on their perception of strategy, as if aformal organization can really produce a single strategy or aformalists can adopt one from above (Alfredo Bonnano) and call it activism from below. We found a comment, slightly of entertaining value but also containing a small part of criticism on what they describe as “action”.

Yes, why not? Without any organization a strategy can be produced; the timing and coordination of actions, the execution of the strategy may slightly be limping though, in order for those actions to be perceived as a significant materialization of the strategy.

Some concern arises from this speculation. Daily in large cities of millions of residents there may be hundreds who reach a high level of stress and frustration, and due to their perception of injustice they riot at the individual level. Each one with his/her way and her/his target. Some while erupting end up dead, some at an emergency psychiatric reintegration clinic, and some in prison (correctional clinic). A few luckier ones will have some friends who will act soon enough to reinstate them as civil members of society in order to avoid the consequence of their lawlessness.  In times of economic distress this becomes a growing phenomenon. The majority of this activity is described as individual expression of anger and wrath and cannot possibly have any political content. They are not perceived as significant by society as they lack coordination, uniformity, and synchronization. Thus they acquire the description of a natural social phenomenon. One in x thousands every day snaps, loses his/her marbles sort of speak. Read the rest of this entry »