In this post we publish the program of a two days festival for anarchy and libertarian communism that will take place in Patras. The festival has been organized by the anarchist group “Disinios Ippos”.

Friday, April 28

-7 p.m. Event-discussion: The destruction and looting of nature and society by the state and capital. Centralization and commercialization of water resources.

Prologues from:

a. Anarchist group “Cumulonimbus”: The value of water and its (indirect) privatization in Corfu.

b. Anarchist group “Disinios Ippos”: Wars for water. The dam of Piros-Parapiros and the exploitation of the water resources in northwestern Achaia.

c. Initiative of Struggle for Land and Freedom: The on-going operation of the hydroelectric dam of Mesochora and the struggle for the defense of Acheloos river and of the local communities against the disaster plans and the annihilation.

-Screenings of short films: Abuela Grillo (animation for the struggle against the privatization of water in Bolivia) Felony (science fiction from a dystopic future).

-10 p.m. Theatrical play: “The cycle of futile actions”. The life of Napoleon Soukanjidis, a communist and union struggler who was executed in Kessariani on 1st of May 1944.

Saturday, April 29

-7 p.m. Event-discussion: “The world of state and bosses in complete bankruptcy. The struggle against Fortress- Europe, war and modern totalitarianism. Experiences of struggle from the fronts of anti-fascism and of solidarity with refugees.

Introduction by the Anarchist Political Organization − Federation of Collectives and its members.

-10 p.m. Hip Hop live with: Spira, Penthimos/Clown, Daisy Chain, and Repfolk.

All events will take place in Esperos (Georgiou square). In case of rain, all events will take place in the self-managed place Epi Ta Proso (Patreos 87). Both days from 18:00, there will be an exhibition of posters and printed materials of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement, as well as a small book fair.

The text in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

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