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Soli Café is a self-organized collective created on January 2016 in order to support and act in solidarity with all refugees and migrants. It is situated in a squat at the capital of the island of Chios. Yesterday, April 7, after a fascist demonstration that took place at the main square of the capital, the squat received an arson attack. In this post we publish the video of the attack and the communiqué of the squat.

Last night after the demonstration at the square against refugees staying at the port, a group of aggressors broke the gate of Soli Cafe. They walked inside the yard, created a mess there and broke the glass of the front door. A few hours later, Soli Cafe was -yet again- attacked by two improvised incendiary devices. One of them exploded in the yard of the house where two people stood nearby. Luckily no one was injured and the damages are already fixed.

The goal of these attacks was to create fear. But this house is still a place where refugees/migrants can self organize, cook food and children can play. Now, more than ever, the people at Soli Cafe will continue doing what they can do best: acting in solidarity.

The text in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

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Public announcement of the five students requested by the Italian authorities Thu, 07 Jan 2016 09:26:01 +0000 The second public announcement of the five students requested by the Italian authorities for their participation at the No Expo demo that took place in the context of the May Day strike in Milan. 


In May 1st of 2015, a large demo took place in the context of the May Day strike in Milan. It wasn’t just a day of national general strike, but a day of a meeting of movements from all over Italy (grassroots unions, social centers, students’ groups, struggle committees about housing, immigration communities, the No Tav movement etc) against the austerity measures that were voted and applied by the Renzi government. It was also the peak of the NO EXPO movement, against the international exposition EXPO, with the participation of people from many European countries against the glamorous opening of EXPO the very same day. The mass participation and the dynamics of the protest was the peak of a 7-year-old movement which questioned the exposition and its political campaign, setting in crisis the political careers of government officials and local authorities.

Seven years ago, in 2008, the municipality of Milan undertook hosting of the exposition. For its sake, 1,100 acres of land were concreted and local populations were displaced and their houses were expropriated, so they would submit to the development plans and their commercialization. The bosses bet that Milan would be a city attractive to the capital, and were trying to showcase it as a business capital and promote it as the 8th Wonder of the Modern World for the local working class people, to whom they promise development and new jobs. The whole city was stylised with luxurious buildings, new highways and spectacular projects. Behind the showcases of development, the bribes fell like domino one behind the other, the banks lent, managed and laundered money for the rest, the contractors took care to delay the projects so they could overprice them and, of course, among the contractors were involved the mafia with its businesses.

This profitability cycle for the bosses that started in 2008, was set and completed on the brutal exploitation of underpaid and voluntary labor of thousands of youngsters, sparing even more thousands of euros for the pockets of the capitalists. Alongside the building of the exposition, an operation of refinement took place for all those that could be considered dangerous for the maked-up image of the city. Large police operations took place to the neighborhoods with evictions of locals and immigrants from the social housings, evacuation of social centers and strike requisitions, culminating in the strike of the subway workers a few days before the opening of EXPO.


And while 6 months later the curtain falls for the exposition, the results and the aftermath remain. The EXPO finishes and leaves behind a deficit of 1.5 billions that is to be paid by increased municipal taxes, obligating the proletarians, under the “corporate responsibility” of the debt, to foot the bill and to say “thank you!” for the spectacular feast. It leaves behind looted land, flexible labor relations, establishment of volunteering and repression. Six months later from our adduction in Milan, and while the curtain falls for the EXPO, the Italian authorities start a new witch hunt fabricating indictments and issuing arrest warrants for 5 Italian protesters, while issuing a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for us. We have every reason to believe that our ex post charges, and those of the 5 Italians, are hiding political expediency behind them, and not only because the criminalize the participation in a protest on a basis of a fascist law which was established by Mussolini and still applies to this day, but also because the Italian authorities start an operation of masking and concealment of the “scorched earth” that EXPO left behind, focusing the attention of the public opinion from the scandals to the protesters, in order to save, construct and redeem their political careers. Our prosecution is for the Italian authorities the ideal opportunity to penalize and exemplify us and everyone that were in the streets those days. It is the ideal opportunity to show what future holds for anyone who decides to struggle and meet with other movements on a national and European level.

The issuance of a EAW, the ridiculous indictments, the criminalization of the participation in a protest, the political trials that have shut in prison activists for 15 years, send a clear message that as long as the underclasses are in the streets uniting their voices, the repression will be stronger.


A EAW is issued for the first time for the prosecution of protesters (till now, it was only issued for heavy offenses like drugs and human trafficking, and money laundering). It clearly constitutes an effort to upgrade the internationalised repression, and an effort to criminalize the social struggles and the meeting of movements on a European level. At the same time, it is a bet for all the parts of the European antagonistic movement to put a halt to these repressive approaches, by blocking the extraditions

In 2008-2010, with the outbreak of the recession, due to the global capitalist crisis, in the European economies, the member-states of the EU, in order to save the (global) financial credit system, rushed to take measures to nationalize its damage and losses. First the Greek state, with other states of the eurozone following. Certainly, this by itself couldn’t solve the problem, because the “financial crisis” is just a mere expression of the crisis in the production and reproduction of capital. So, the problem had to be hit at its root: devaluation of the labor power and downgrading of the lives of the proletarians, in order to achieve the overcoming of the crisis with favorable conditions for the profitability of capital.

Thus, the local and international capitalists and their governments, began to apply austerity measures or going into strict Structural Adjustment Programs. Measures and programs that here in Greece are known as Memoranda, which the coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL is continuing to vote and apply, like wage, pension and allowance cuts, reductions in public spending, tax increases on food and basic necessities, privatizations, release of redundancy, increases of the retirement age, etc.


All these could only be imposed on the base of a permanent “state of emergency” which, apart from the politics of the “public debt” as lever of enforcement and terrorization, comes with the withdrawal of “welfare state” and the emergence of the “security state”. All of the above are just different aspects of the same strategy of the management of the crisis from the capital, for the imposition of new norms of discipline and exploitation of the underclasses.

A generalized “state of emergency regime” is imposed step by step in all of Europe, on the occasion of the threat of the “islamic terrorism”, with a widespread militarization of the western metropolises. A large scale campaign of fear and total control is taking place, with raids on homes of activists, protests ban, introduction of new anti-terror laws and militaries patrolling the streets. And it is well-known that this war climate is not only directed against the immigrants who manage to arrive in Europe from the war zones in Africa and Asia, but also to all of those who chose to today and tomorrow to take the streets and protest against the politics of austerity and devaluation, the Fortress Europe, the cemetery-like silence that they are trying to impose on us.


In 7,8 and 11 of January, we are called to battle against these extraditions. The struggle for their blockage is a part of a wider mosaic of struggles which are the embankment of the continuing downgrading of our lives. It is a part of the students’ struggle against their increased schooling costs in universities, of the workers’ everyday struggles and strikes against their bosses, of the movements of local neighborhood assemblies for the refusal of payment for our basic needs, of the demands of the precarious workers against the modern slavery of the workfare programs, of the riots of the immigrants at the borders and the modern concentration camps. It is a part of every community of struggle which erupts in the public sphere against the capitalist imperatives and the state repression.

We call all our colleagues, classmates, comrades and all the struggling people to make the case of our prosecution their case, to take battle positions, to block the extraditions.

“An attack against one is an attack against all”.

Everyone to the protest at the court of appeal, January 7th, 8th and 11th.

The 5 requested activist from the Italian authorities

The text in Greek, Spanish.

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Housing Squat for Refugees to the Guest Refugees and Migrants Sat, 03 Oct 2015 19:55:43 +0000 Communiqué of Housing Squat for Refugees to the Guest Refugees and Migrants.

As comrades in solidarity (Greeks and non-Greeks), we understand the immigration and refugee crisis, empathize with the difficulties and hardships that you have gone through until you arrived here and we seriously value your needs. We criticize and resist against the inhumane and unjust anti-immigration policies – practices of both Greece and the EU. For that matter, we have taken the initiative to occupy this public building on Notara 26 and create an open, self- organized and supportive housing facility with no interest neither to replace state responsibilities nor emerge as “goodwill” philanthropists. Instead, our aim is to show the indifference and hypocrisy of both the Greek and European authorities by standing by your side and actively expressing our solidarity through the operation of this housing squat, even if places are still limited.

This squat serves as a temporary housing space hosting refugees and migrants regardless of race, origin, religion, gender and sexuality. As it is a self-organized housing space, its right operation is based on the participation of its guests: in other words ‘you’. Every one of you, depending on your abilities, could and should participate in the management and maintenance of this space.

We welcome you in this space that belongs both to you as refugees and to us as your comrades in solidarity. This place has neither ties with NGOs nor funding by the Greek state and the EU. Instead, it is built upon the contribution and participation of all of us. Even with our very few resources, we aim to to cover as much as we can all your immediate needs. In solidarity with each other and all together by collectively deciding and acting, we will try to turn this space into a different housing experience from all others you have lived in so far in your journey as refugees: we will make this space more welcoming, more open and safer for you all.

The coexistence with others and respect for diversity is the norm of solidarity. Cleanliness is the individual responsibility of each one of us and everyone. Solidarity is the weapon of the people.

The text in Greek, Spanish.

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Relocation of the Housing Squat for Refugees Fri, 02 Oct 2015 16:54:13 +0000 Today, Friday September 25th, 2015, the effort for the accommodation of refugees that began at 44 Arachovis Street, the old student restaurant building, relocated to 26 Notara Street, formerly the Single Fund for the Subsidiary Insurance of Salaried Employees (in Greek ETEAM). There were two reasons for this move: firstly, the new building suits the health and safety criteria for its intended purpose, i.e. to host refugees; secondly, we faced problems regarding the ownership status of the previous building that would end up in a precarious situation for its future occupants.

We are inviting groups and individuals to embrace this effort, both with their presence and any material help. The first and most pressing need is to clean the building, meaning that we need detergents. It is crucial that works finish soon with the involvement of all, to enable the accommodation of refugees as soon as possible.

We are inviting everybody to take part in today’s assembly at 19:00, in the occupied building at 26, Notara Street, to create working groups and to define the continual policy and social aims of this effort.

Solidarity is our weapon.

Assembly of the Occupation for the Accommodation of Refugees

The text in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

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Athens, Nea Philadelphia: Centauro Social Center demolished Tue, 11 Aug 2015 16:55:18 +0000 Athens, Nea Philadelphia: Centauro Social Center demolishedCentauro Social Center demolished. The repression of the various occupied social centers that was begun a few years ago by the rightist government continues with the leftist government. Yesterday, Wednesday August 5, 2015 the bulldozers of the municipality of Nea Philadelphia demolished the building of the Centauri occupied social, located in the neighborhood park.

The decision to demolish the building was taken in March 2015 . In April 2015 the Centauro Assembly issued a statement entitled “A few words about the occupation of Centaur and the dirty war of the municipal authorities” . The statement was issued by the CSO in the face of the danger of demolition by the municipal authorities. A few months later the mechanisms of state and municipal repression proceeded to demolish the CSO building that had been set up by several people who call themselves anti-authoritarians. Lately Centauro has carried out ​​several solidarity actions with the immigrants who have taken refuge in the Champ de Mars, in the center of Athens. Among them we mention a pickup of food and basic necessities.

In the afternoon of the day of the demolition an assembly was held in the demolished CSO space. Also, an event of information and solidarity took place in the center of Thessaloniki.

The text in Spanish, Portuguese.

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Some words about the Solidarity Fund of the Libertarian Syndicalist Union of Athens Mon, 10 Aug 2015 15:40:48 +0000 We publish here a text sent to us by the Libertarian Syndicalist Union of Athens about their Solidarity Fund.

The Solidarity Fund of the Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) has been in operation for 5 years. The idea for a permanent solidarity fund was born, when on the 31st October 2009 we gathered after a music night, 1060 euros, which we sent to cover the legal expenses of 6 arrested members of ASI (Anarcho-syndicalist Initiative of Serbia). Another music night followed on the 15th of May 2010. In this way we raised 561 euros. This money was the basis for the creation of the Solidarity Fund.

This Solidarity Fund is about supporting exclusively individuals, for example employees, the unemployed , immigrants who are in need due to been sacked or unemployed, have fallen ill, been in an accident or another social reason, also employees who have been on strike or are mobilized in a struggle (we call this a strike aid). The solidarity aid that we usually offer is about 200 euros. From this fund we don’t offer aid to collectives who are in struggle, i.e. an aid with which is to be used for the needs of a mobilization (for example propaganda Such actions of solidarity are covered from the regular fund of ESE.

The Solidarity Fund, all these years, has been supported on a frequent basis from donations from friends and comrades, with subscriptions from members of ESE Athens, with revenues from the publishing of “The Diary of the Employed” and with revenues from various events.

We move onto the economic support of our colleagues after discussion and a decision from the General Assembly of ESE Athens, for every specific occasion which is suggested.

From May 2010 up to the 31/07/2015, we have in total offered 7952 Euros. Among the economic supports offered, we distinguish those that were given to the employed who were in struggle and where in strike mobilizations and where given for the support of fighters, employees, immigrants after a public call for their economic support.

We mention the following:

– to the strikers at the cake shops BLE in Thessaloniki

– to the strikers at the Greek Steelworks (Aspropyrgos)

– to the strikers at Phonemarketing

– to the workers of the self-managed factory VIO.ME (Thessaloniki)

– to the strike fund of A’ ELME (teachers syndicalist union) in West Athens (Peristeri)

– for the comrade Panos Vihos who gave his fight against cancer and has now left us

– for the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan, for comrade Emine (a political refugee from Turkey) who stayed many months in Greek prisons

– for Gabriel A. (who was injured in the eye while he was protesting at the anti-fascist demonstration in Keratsini – September 2013)

– for the Workers Union in Publications, Bookstores, Photo Copy Centres, Stationary of Attica (Athens- Greece) for the legal expenses of the fired colleague at the bookshop “Evripidis” (Halandri)

– for the Syrian refugees who carried out for many days a demonstration at Syntagma Square

– for the legal expenses of our fired colleague from the Music Cafe (Nea Smirni)

– for the Workers Union in Publications, Bookstores, Photo Copy Centres, Stationary of Attica (Athens- Greece) for the legal expenses of those arrested during the strike in the book sector, which was attacked by the police outside the bookshop IANOS

– for the legal expenses of our fired colleague from the Non-Governmental Organization “NOSTOS”

– for the fired colleague from the food industry

– for the support of social centres in two neighborhoods of Athens which offered hospitality to Syrian refugees

– for the expenses of sending clothes that where gathered at the Autonomous Pad for refugees at the Arrival Center of Leros

– for the Egyptian worker Ualid Taleb, who was beaten by his employer (Salamina)

– for the Solidarity Fund for Political Prisoners.

Many other economic supports where offered “quietly” (without publishing the fact) to workers and immigrants after a proposal that was discussed and approved by the assembly of ESE Athens.

Aside from the Solidarity Fund, ESE gathered money for the fired cleaners from the Ministry of Economics. This was done by utilizing the coupons that were put into circulation from their coordination committee. We gathered and handed over 1783 euros.

ESE Athens has decided at its assembly to re-vamp the workings of the Solidarity Fund. It has decided to open this initiative, calling on all members of ESE in Greece, as well as any colleague or friend who wants to be a subscriber to the Solidarity Fund.

Because not everyone has the same financial ability (some are unemployed, others part time employed, others students), we decided to have 3 types of annual subscriptions: 15 euros, 30 euros, 60 euros. Everyone offers according to his/her ability. The subscriptions can be deposited in 2-3 installments. For the receiving of cash a receipt is given.

We call on all the comrades and colleagues to participate, so that there is a larger scope and improved efficiency. Let us many of us as possible help in the gathering of money (with the registration of new subscribers, with fundraiser events, with the distribution of diaries and with any means possible). Let there be as much as possible, a greater involvement in the process of decisions (with proposals for the distribution of solidarity aid, events Our thoughts are that there should be special open assemblies of ESE Athens, where everything relevant to the Solidarity Fund will be discussed.

We are conscious that our needs for solidarity and mutual aid are large and constantly growing larger. We are conscious of the fact that our fund does not have the ability to cover all these needs and that the support we give has a symbolic value. Despite the difficulties, we have decided to continue to give this unequal battle, at the same time as we give the everyday battles in the different fronts of the class struggle. We encourage all the collectives of the worker’s and social movements to introduce Solidarity Funds.

Support the Solidarity Fund of ESE Athens. Become a subscriber to the Solidarity Fund. For this purpose, come in contact with members of ESE. You can deposit subscriptions to the Solidarity Fund at the Piraeus Bank:

Bank Account: 5087-070937-715

IBAN: GR86 0172 0870 0050 8707 0937 715


Libertarian Syndicalist Union of Athens (ESE-Greece)

Tel: 00306941507846


The text in spanish.

A general outlook on the organizational effort(s) of the Greek anarchist movement Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:10:58 +0000 This is a first report as of late July 2015… To be continued – hopefully-.

After a 35 year existence of a political/social movement (current), loosely referred to as an anarchist /antiauthoritarian movement, which in many cases it included organizational branches and individuals of the radical Marxist left, Marxist and anarchist autonomy, pacifist libertarians, and after several attempts to create an anarchist organization to link and unite all those independent collective entities and individuals (who couldn’t find themselves within a political collective) had failed, on December 2012 a more serious call appeared to reattempt to form such an organization. The initial call dated Dec.19 2012 came from 4 influential and long standing collectives after a lengthy discussion between them on how to address the need for further organization. Apparently this created a wide interest by several other collectives from Athens and the rest of Greece which became a complex process on how to develop commonly announced proposals towards organization and of political positions on the most important issues that anarchists frequently have positions on. The detailed content is yet unknown.

Outside the sphere of those collectives that participated in the effort for nearly two years there was silence and anticipation that something serious was baking in the oven. Some could smell and speculate but increasingly there was curiosity on what could possibly take so long. Eventually the silence broke from a dissatisfied collective called ASMPA (Anarchist Collective towards the Militant Proletarian Reconstitution) who apparently left the effort after a fierce disagreement with the rest on whether a collective (Kathodon) should and could be amongst the rest. This was a reminder and evidence that this effort was ongoing and it was widely supported by nearly 20 collectives from all around Greece.

The disagreement appears to be related to an event dating back to February 2013 when members of Kathodon had participated in an attack on a squatted building, and later distributed within a close circle of collectives, a statement explaining and supporting their action on what had happened. Shortly after this there was a second document explaining why ASMPA could no longer tolerate the reactions of the rest covering up the responsibilities of Kathodon and accuses those that tolerate them of acting as a partisan protectionist mechanism. As negative as the statements describing the effort of political organization as they were by ASMPA it became the only source and evidence that such effort was still in effect and evolving as many were speculating it had been abandoned. All evidence till then only hinted towards a single effort.

In early June 2015 a new statement (a pre-announcement of a tending process) came out, with only one of the original collectives (Circle of Fire) signing it together with a few other collectives, three from Athens, one from Salonica, and one from Patra. One of the newest collectives (O72) appears to be an evolution of an older collective and one of the initial callers. Another from Salonica appears to be a split of an older Anarchist collective. The published information on all these detail appear to be hazy and possibly of lesser importance.

This pre-announcement relates this effort to the original call and directly talks of the natural evolution of this process to create a political organization. Meanwhile if one goes back to the original call and of announcements made by individual collectives (Antipnoia for example directly states that this effort is one for the creation of a federation) one would expect that the evolution of this effort was clearly in developing the foundation of a conference to create a political federation, not a political organization. This June announcement by the six collectives did not clearly answer what ever happened to the rest but it was obvious that there was a split, as collectives appearing in the ASMPA announcements that were together in this same effort did not appear to be together in this later update of the process.

To answer all those curious cats of what happened, in late July a new update came from the remaining collectives appearing to acknowledge those forming the organization and wishing them the best of luck and willingness to cooperate in the future but also pre-announcing a call for the initiation of an open process of creating a federation. As they say the pre-conference will take place in October 2015 and the process will be determined there in taking a year’s time to develop the final declaration of the foundation of the federation. Their address was directed to anarchists, the exploited and oppressed. Will the a-political individual entities get up from their couch to join an anarchist federation due to the fact they are exploited in the workplace and/or oppressed in their community? We shall refrain from commenting any more.

Whether this adds to the confusion and whether it further feeds the curiosity and speculation is unknown. Neither of these announcements declare something specific, of a date, a place, a contact, for the outsiders to act upon, but is just a “pre-announcement” of an “announcement” to come. We are all looking forward for the two separate efforts to take the real first step in organizing. It is logical that something that couldn’t materialize for 35 years, and repeatedly failed, wouldn’t be easy and it definitely couldn’t make everyone happy. There seems to be a huge list of self proclaimed “anarchist collectives” that have either refused to participate, were excluded (not directly but by the way the calling was stated some couldn’t see themselves within it), or departed the effort, and maintain their autonomous paths or other forms of collective associations (sort lived cooperations, loose platforms, etc).

One such association that has a significant history of participating in major political events is the so called “West” (Dhytica) which includes some but not all the collectives of the western suburbs of Athens, mainly Resalto, Sinialo, and Thersitis, and their satellite projects. We cannot speculate whether the reasons are political or are of different nature relating to the geography of the movement. Equally important to note is that the thousands of individuals that have for years participated in the action rich a/a movement, especially the massive youth current that sprung from the December 2008 insurrection (and riots), does not participate and is not included in the above mentioned groups. That is they never realized the need to join or create strictly political collectives. Some only participate in social collectives or syndicalist actions of the general libertarian horizontal movement, and the rest refused to see themselves as parts of a collective. They answer calls to general issue related assemblies in the Exarchia district, they appear in protests and demonstrations, parties, concerts, etc.

It is a question and source of speculation of whether either or both efforts for organization and federation will be able to attract the majority of individuals who maintain the tendency to remain as “individuals” and whether this tendency is politically motivated as “individualists” proclaim, or it is just luck of interest and motivation to do anything more than noise during massive action on the street level. If we said “…to be continued” it would be an under-statement, as there are many that believe that the condition of this decaying movement and these organizational efforts came a little too late, and the 35 year old movement is gone and over. If anything is there to evolve would be something totally new and from scratch, as they proclaim. Or as insurrectionist individualists commonly say “from the ashes of the existing the new will arise”. Their infatuation with ashes and burning approach a level of collective psychopathology relating to pyromania.

The following three official announcements (in Greek) is what we officially know up to this point about the call for a nationwide anarchist political organization:

Panhellenic calling for the Prospect of Creating an Anarchist Political Organization by the anarchist collectives of Kathodon, Kyklos tis Fotias (Circle of Fire), AKA (Anarchists for Social Liberation), and Antipnoia, 19/12/2012

Update on the procedures of the pre-conference dialog for the creation of an Anarchist Political Organization, 10/06/2015

To the anarchist movement, the exploited and the oppressed, 25/07/2015

The two ASMPA documents (also in Greek) that portray some of the dynamics within the “single” organizational effort, before the split took place we suppose: 1,2.

The text in Spanish, Portuguese.

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Neoliberalism has shown its teeth to Europeans Tue, 21 Jul 2015 20:47:29 +0000 Neoliberalism has shown its teeth to the people of Greece and all Europeans. On January 25, 2015 the Social Democratic Party Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) won the parliamentary elections and the next day formed a coalition government with the right-wing Independent Greeks (Anel). Common denominator of both parties was opposing memoranda over the past five years that had led a big part of the population in poverty and destitution, and had laid the foundation of a totalitarian dominance of neoliberalism, perhaps unprecedented in the history of the Greek state.

A few days later the “negotiations” between the Greek government and representatives of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union began, that is the so-called “Troika”, which the government euphemistically renamed “the institutions”, thinking that something will change if you change the name (a speculative explanation was that troika was treated as a single entity while in fact they were three representative entities which did not all serve the exact same interests and therefore during negotiations their contradictory interests can be manipulated by the Greek negotiating team to improve its position). From the outset it was clear that Europeans (and partly the IMF) had no intention of signing a “decent [honest] deal” as they referred to the government as being clumsy, having illusions about the role of these institutions and of corporatist capitalism. It was clear that the European neoliberalism wanted to humiliate and discredit the Social Democratic government, pushing for a more aggressive neoliberal transformation.

Each time the Greek government proposed something, the European blackmailers demanded even more painful measures, more privatization, more poverty for the Greek people. The mass disinformation is dedicated to a real orgy of terrorization, propaganda programs on TV and radio literally 24 hours a day. They did not stop the terrorist propaganda even after the referendum was lost to a majority NO to the proposed deal. (The referendum was for a YES/NO to the European proposal, which the media clearly portrayed as an unconditional YES to measures or “Total destruction of the nation and its economy”). It was clear that something important was at stake for the media owners.

Here we note three things. The first is that the intention of the government was the signing of an agreement to measures that did not alleviate the burdens of the working class, but which would allow the administration to continue ruling as a social democratic government in a totally neoliberal environment. It was clear that apart from this naive aspiration the coalition government had no alternative plan in case this failed. The second is that after the elections, the leader of the right-wing New Democracy party did not resign, obviously hoping that the Troika would ensure the end of the coalition government, between social democrats and nationalists, thus to retake power shortly after negotiations would fail. At least this would have promised political and economic continuity. The third is that the three neo-liberal parties that supported the “YES” in the referendum, in order to avoid a Grexit, they would cooperate and offer their support to the coalition government, stating that they would vote in favor of any agreement with the “institutions”, offsetting any loss of votes by more radical government deputies.

Towards the end of June it seemed that the “negotiations” were coming to a standstill. Creditors had proposed a far worse agreement than was the previous memorandum proposal. The coalition government was caught in a bind. On the one hand if they accepted such a proposal in the eyes of voters they would resemble or equal the previous neoliberal governments. On the other hand, if they refused the proposal, European elites would force Greece out of the Eurozone and the European Union [the propagandized legality of the Eurozone not having the authority to exclude a member was nonsense as once the ECB would cut liquidity to Greek banks the government would be enforced to publish its own currency and abolish all customs treaties signed with the EEC, therefore taking itself out of the Euro and the EEC in order to survive]. What would happen was well known to all. The European Central Bank would constantly devalue the new Greek currency and the European Union would sabotage the few products that were produced in Greece as retaliation for abolishing its treaties, after plundering of the country by multinationals, eliminating its agriculture, livestock and industry, and demolishing the increased proportion of the so-called third sector (services

In this case of course the real masters (protectorate of) of the country would suffer the damages, which is the United States. Greece is a top customer of the US arms industry [a huge chunk of its debt is due to this relationship]. In this case, Greece with a constantly devalued currency could not buy weapons, oil, etc., all served by US based multinational interests (and therefore dependency to). Let’s also not forget the geopolitical significance of Greece to serve US interests and plans in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The administration therefore, being caught in a bind, played the wild card of the referendum, speculating that people would vote against the European proposal. Indeed, on July 5, with closed banks, 61.3% voted against the European proposal in a referendum in which the percentage of abstention reached 38% (therefore making the actual percentage that voted for the European proposal less than 20% of the voters’ body). A few days later the government returned to the table of “negotiations” with European blackmailers (banks being forced shut by the ECB) waiting around the corner. This time the neoliberals reminded the Greek Social Democrats and their nationalist crutches who the real master in Europe was. They proposed a series of measures far worse than on the earlier proposal, which the government agreed to after dismissing the possibility of an exit from the eurozone, knowing what an exit would entail in an aggressive neoliberal environment.

The new measures to be voted in Parliament are the hardest to be imposed on the country by the national and transnational capital in the contemporary history of the Greek state. Neoliberal hegemony has made clear it will not tolerate any left-social democratic parenthesis. For us the answer to the above methods of both neoliberals and social democrats is very clear: No to neoliberalism, and no to social democracy. However, a simple “no” is not enough. Those from below must self-organize and respond in a combative way to the onslaught of neoliberalism. If not, the total enslavement of Greek society (and not only) and the imposition of neoliberal totalitarianism are more than Ante Portas.

This document in Portuguese and in Spanish.

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Patras, May 28-30: Second Anarchist Book Fair Wed, 20 May 2015 08:33:40 +0000 Patras, May 28-30: Second Anarchist Book Fair In this post we publish a brief presentation of the upcoming Anarchist Book fair in Patras, organized by the self-organised social centre “Epi ta proso”.

2nd Anarchist bookfair in Patras

To be held on May 28, 29 & 30 in “Esperos” (atrium by Georgiou Square, the central square of the city)

Organizing the first Anarchist bookfair in Patras, Greece, last May was an idea with which comrades participating in the self-organised social centre “Epi ta proso” had been flirting for quite some time. The success of last year’s event and the positive feedback encouraged us to hold the bookfair this year too, hoping that it will be established as an annual 3-day event featuring book presentations, discussions, exhibitions, cultural events and, first and foremost, the abundance and quality of titles from anarchist and radical publishers and distributors.

The aim of this festival is to bring out the wealth of anarchist, antiauthoritarian and libertarian concepts and diffuse anarchist ideas into society, especially young people across the city. This is particularly important at a time when state propaganda against those who opt for self-organization and grass-roots inititatives as a means to fight prevails, and racism, social cannibalism and turning to fascism are presented as the sole options to overcome the unfolding crisis.

At the same time, even within the resistance movement, political discussion and exchange of ideas to achieve a more in-depth analysis is treated with contempt; we thus believe that promoting self-education, political and theoretical investigation, preserving social and working-class memory against lifestyle anarchism and political hooliganism are of prime importance in the direction of a wider reconstruction of the radical and revolutionary movement.

This year’s bookfair includes a session dedicated to the Zapatista women and particularly to those detained because of their struggle in Chiapas, to be presented by a comrade from Mexico. Moreover, the bookfair programme consists of book presentations, discussions, events and screenings on the following topics: the recent strike of administrative staff in Greek universities, the organization of the anarchist movement in Spain in the years preceding the Spanish civil war, the formation and evolution of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian milieu in Greece since the ’70s, the 1914 Ludlow Massacre in the USA, and the story of the Greek immigrant and labor union member Luis Tikas who was shot during the massacre. Throughout the festival there will be a photo exhibition by στ:οργή (

Our aim is to create an event freed from state intervention and commercialism, to transform a public space into a meeting place for open discussion and criticism. Any contribution in money is strictly aimed at helping the initiatives that put this festival together keep going and covering the expenses of the event.

The bookfair would not be complete without a cultural session, underlining the need to reclaim public space and to transform it into a meeting place full of life, a hub of resistance and creativity. So, on Thursday evening there will be a party with Zapatista music, and on Saturday night with rebetiko music.

On Thursday and Friday (28 & 29/5) the bookfair will open at 5 pm. On Saturday (30/5) at 12 am.

During the bookfair there will be a permanent poster and photo gallery featuring important moments of the anarchist and wider radical movement, a book display of selected titles by AK Press in English, pamphlets by anarchist/antiauthoritarian groups, and records by DIY bands.

We would like to thank all those that responded positively to our invitation to organize this event, whether publishing collectives, cultural groups, self-managed social centres/squats or political groups.

Self-organised social centre “epi ta proso” | 87 Patreos st., Patras, Greece

Information in greek, spanish, portuguese.

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Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE): In solidarity with the Syrian refugees Thu, 22 Jan 2015 15:29:04 +0000 These two texts have been sent to our email by the Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE). The first one is a description of the actions taken place by the Unión regarding the issue of the Syrian refugees who have arrived in Greece during the past months. The second is an analysis of the issue.

On Friday, December 19th, our members visited the Syrian refugees, which have resorted to a hotel located in the center of Athens, waiting for the fulfillment of Greek state’s commitments (granting asylum and travel documents).

We transported and delivered some clothing, food and medicine, contributing to the effort made to meet their needs. We also discussed with them about the civil war, their uprooting, their fight, listened carefully to their problems as well as their concerns and pledged to keep in constant touch and help them in every possible way.

Moreover, we visited some Syrian refugees that live in another hotel, whose accommodation costs are covered by a Solidarity Assembly. Like the previous ones, these refugees were «seeped» by the Greek police in Syntagma Square, with a violent and inhumane way, having lost their personal stuff (documents, mobile phones, money, clothes, shoes).

In the end, we delivered to the Solidarity Assembly a sum of 216 euros (ESE’s mutual fund) for the accommodation costs. We intend to continue our support to this fight and contribute to Syrian refugees” needs. We are available for active participation in the Solidarity Assembly and in every future initiative taken.

In solidarity with the Syrian refugees

Civil war in Syria is another example of the contemporary capitalist paradise, a paradise of globalized markets and bosses. According to U.N., war casualties have reached 100,000. The brutality of Assad regime’s policy, along with the deepening, foreign involvement in this ongoing massacre (e.g. Islamic State extremists), forces Syrian people to become refugees.

The use of cluster bombs in populated areas and the atrocities against civilians, prisoners, war opponents leave no margin for survival, leading to violent uprooting. The imperialist nations involved are jointly responsible for this uprooting and exile, by playing undermining, political games on the backs of the people, Syrians and Kurds in this case.

Equally shared responsibility for the wars in the Middle East and Africa has the Greek state, which participates in NATO and serves the imperialist plans of the great powers. The Greek state supports interventions, «humanitarian» wars and the complete dissolution of modern countries. The Greek army joins in the military occupation of many countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and eastern Africa. Consequently, the Greek state is co-responsible for the uprooting of people, abandoning their homes under the threat of bombs, occupation and poverty.

One million Syrian refugees have resorted to neighboring countries; about half of them are children. Displaced people inside the Syrian borders are estimated to be 3.6 million, while thousands continue to cross the borders. This is one of the highest, modern, mass migration waves, all victims of war in Syria.

EU member states and the Atlantic superpower (USA), which carry the bloodstained burden of responsibility for this relentless slaughter, also continue the war against refugees from within. Those who manage to escape the fences, survive from mines and murderous attacks on the borders, are kept under a regime of constant illegality, by not granting them any political and social right.

Some hundreds of Syrian refugees (including men, women and children) have given a heroic fight, for 26 consecutive days, in Syntagma Square, demanding the obvious thing from the Greek state: asylum, along with full rights as victims of war and free migration in the EU. The Syrian refugees, who participated in this difficult fight, won a significant victory. The Greek government pledged to grant them asylum and travel documents, with a procedure of emergency. This victory of the refugees is a result of their determination and the massive solidarity movement, which was unfolded. Their victory represents a victory of the whole social movement.

We have no trust in the Greek state, both central and local (Municipality of Athens) that will meet their commitments. We do not forget the failure of many commitments of the Greek state, which was given towards immigrant hunger strikers in the building of Hypatia, few years ago. Moreover, the anti-immigration policy of the Greek state is omnipresent. The immigrants are considered as a national problem, not as people with problems. Indicative of the anti-immigrant state policy is the violent «sweeping» of the Syrian refugees-protesters from the Syntagma Square. The Greek government and Mr. Kaminis pursued to get rid of the continuous protest as fast as possible.

We support the fight of Syrian refugees to meet the commitments they won with their hunger strikes.

– Asylum for war victims.

– Free migration towards the EU member states. Greece should not be a «prison» for refugees.

– Accommodation, food, health care, work, rights to refugees.

We will contribute to the effort to meet the needs of refugees living in hotels, in several city areas as well as in the occupation of the Radio Station building in Brahami.

The fight continues until the vindication of all war victims. 603 refugees have won; thousands are waiting to be vindicated.

Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE)

The text in Spanish.

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