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Soli Café is a self-organized collective created on January 2016 in order to support and act in solidarity with all refugees and migrants. It is situated in a squat at the capital of the island of Chios. Yesterday, April 7, after a fascist demonstration that took place at the main square of the capital, the squat received an arson attack. In this post we publish the video of the attack and the communiqué of the squat.

Last night after the demonstration at the square against refugees staying at the port, a group of aggressors broke the gate of Soli Cafe. They walked inside the yard, created a mess there and broke the glass of the front door. A few hours later, Soli Cafe was -yet again- attacked by two improvised incendiary devices. One of them exploded in the yard of the house where two people stood nearby. Luckily no one was injured and the damages are already fixed.

The goal of these attacks was to create fear. But this house is still a place where refugees/migrants can self organize, cook food and children can play. Now, more than ever, the people at Soli Cafe will continue doing what they can do best: acting in solidarity.

The text in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

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