Text-call of the Libertarian European Collectives Assembly about the circus of the next European elections.

Globalization has led to a radical transformation of the needs of capitalism, which means moving the productions to countries where the benefits are much greater due to a system quasi -slavery exploitation. On the other hand, the wild financial system of the economy has transformed debt and its feelings of guilt into the real engine of capitalist accumulation and into a ruling device of oppression. During the last decades, the European working class has been immersed in a process of downgrading towards an imaginary space of “middle class”, that allowed the access to consumption levels and social benefits (health, education…) something unthinkable years ago. All this at the expenses of the secular exploitation of third world countries and of the working class most precarious section.

In this context, Europe is moving towards the dismantling and privatization of social protection systems with a brutal drop in salaries and an endless increase the excluded and unemployed masses. Meanwhile inequality grows even more in Eastern and Southern Europe.

In this new restructuring process and capital accumulation, politics occupies a subordinate place facing the economy. The state, which has always been ruling element in the oppression, is now playing the same role under the multinational direct orders. Read the rest of this entry »

European Anti-fascist Meeting in Athens, 11, 12 & 13 April 2014For a Europe free of fascism, racism and sexism in a world of freedom and social solidarity

Seventy years after World War II and the defeat of fascism, Europe is facing the challenge of a nazi, racist far-right on the rise. In times of economic crisis and of harsh attack against workers’ and peoples’ rights, especially the rights of southern European peoples, from France to Ukraine (with the nazis in power) and from Norway to Greece, xenophobic and intolerant parties and groups start having influence on the society, even on poor and excluded popular classes all over Europe. They have begun to play a part in formulating political developments and getting involved in societies, schools, the streets, working-class neighborhoods, as well as national parliaments and state devices, most of all the police.

The rise of the Nazi, racist far-right did not come out of the blue. This was triggered by European governments’ anti-immigration policies, by the rise of islamophobia, by the concept of a Europe-fortress, by the mainstream media’s terror-hysteria and xenophobia; it is fueled by the development of various nationalisms, as a misguided answer to capitalist globalization, to the unaccountability of imperialism and the demonization of cultural differences; it is accelerated by the upsurge in state repression, the cancellation of the rights of large parts of the working class and the outbreak of unemployment; it is encouraged by the social fragmentation and identity crisis of large parts of the population, by the backdrop to traditional values (homeland, faith, family etc), the strengthening of sexist and patriarchal patterns, militarist and macho social models and behaviors; it is legitimated by the corruption and unreliability of the political system in power, by the lack of radical anti-systemic political action in the past few decades and by the ideological confusion of large parts of the working class. Read the rest of this entry »

Protesters burn toll booths on the outskirts of AthensProtesters burn toll booths on the outskirts of AthensProtesters burn toll booths on the outskirts of AthensProtesters burn toll booths on the outskirts of Athens
On Sunday (Feb 10/2014) evening more than 500 people gathered to protest the installation on new tolls and their rising cost.  Part of Malakasa toll booths to the North of Athens were torn off the ground and burned.  These are the first of the many toll booths located on the highway between Athens and Thessaloniki (the 2nd largest city of Greece).  This action came a few days after the new rates’ increases went in effect in many tolls and new toll stations were added on the only two main national highways leading to and from Athens.  The particular toll station is one of few installed within the same municipality which is illegal under European Community Law.

Before the attack on the toll booths, demonstrators temporarily blocked all traffic and then asked employees inside the booths to leave.  After employees left the booths they torched them, tearing some of them off the ground.  After burning a good part of the toll booths, protesters, shouting slogans against the government and its policies, departed for the next toll station on the same highway, in the village of Afidnes, where they proceeded to a different action. They raised the bars and let passing vehicles through without paying for more than half an hour (photos: 1, 2).

Opening toll booths as a form of demonstration has for the past three years been very common. Also encouraging motorists not to pay and forming solidarity networks to fight violations in court has also been a common activity by grassroots organizations and political parties of the left. The construction tycoons of Greece who have been granted both all highway maintenance & construction contracts as well as exclusive private management, have forced the state to alter legislation to criminalize any form of protest or disobedience. Read the rest of this entry »

Fascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reaction
Shortly before noon on Saturday January 25th, 2014 a group of 80 neo-Nazis arrived at the scene of the murder of antifascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas (murdered by a neo-Nazi assault battalion on September 18, 2013). Paramilitary styled neo-nazis proceeded to a series of attacks in the custody and “discreet” surveillance of the police, who limited themselves to watching, even while desecrating the monument of Pavlos Fyssas, and while attacking a nearby anarchist squat (Resalto) by throwing stones and bricks.

The humanoids painted several Nazi fascist slogans, took the anti-fascist banner hung on the murder scene, destroyed the small memorial tribute to murdered Pavlos Fyssas, and then proceeded to an attack against the Anarchist Resalto, located within walking distance of that place. Fifteen comrades were inside at that time trying to repel the fascists while a few more run from the neighborhood to assist.  The fascists retreated running leaving behind them traces of their nasty presence.

During this new provocative fascist aggression they were dressed in military-type outfits marched with the famous Nazi goose step, carrying shields, helmets and metal clubs, shouting slogans and provoking, insulting and threatening many of the local residents. And all this in the presence of the police. (It is not the first time that the Nazis are backed by police protection during their attacks and other operations). The relationship between the fascist gangs of Golden Dawn (Chrisi Avgi) and the Greek Police is very well documented with hundreds of photos, documents, videos, witness testimonies in court, etc… Read the rest of this entry »

In the athens.indymedia.org recently a discussion started by the insurrectional nihilist direct action proponents on their perception of strategy, as if aformal organization can really produce a single strategy or aformalists can adopt one from above (Alfredo Bonnano) and call it activism from below. We found a comment, slightly of entertaining value but also containing a small part of criticism on what they describe as “action”.

Yes, why not? Without any organization a strategy can be produced; the timing and coordination of actions, the execution of the strategy may slightly be limping though, in order for those actions to be perceived as a significant materialization of the strategy.

Some concern arises from this speculation. Daily in large cities of millions of residents there may be hundreds who reach a high level of stress and frustration, and due to their perception of injustice they riot at the individual level. Each one with his/her way and her/his target. Some while erupting end up dead, some at an emergency psychiatric reintegration clinic, and some in prison (correctional clinic). A few luckier ones will have some friends who will act soon enough to reinstate them as civil members of society in order to avoid the consequence of their lawlessness.  In times of economic distress this becomes a growing phenomenon. The majority of this activity is described as individual expression of anger and wrath and cannot possibly have any political content. They are not perceived as significant by society as they lack coordination, uniformity, and synchronization. Thus they acquire the description of a natural social phenomenon. One in x thousands every day snaps, loses his/her marbles sort of speak. Read the rest of this entry »

Greek PM should explain his party’s links with fascismThe conservative government of Antonis Samaras claims to be cracking down on “extremism”. But what skeletons does the Prime Minister hide in his closet?

The Greek Prime Minister, Mr Samaras, is currently visiting the USA. He arrived here in the immediate aftermath of the arrest of the leadership of Golden Dawn, the notorious Greek neo-Nazi party. But what skeletons does Mr Samaras have in his closet?

Mr Samaras’ speech on October 2 at the Peterson Institute in Washington, DC gives us a first answer to that question. There, the Prime Minister claimed that his government crushes extremism, he talked about the leadership of Golden Dawn which had been, at that time, driven to jail. However, later during the Q&A session he also added that his government was not quite done; that he would also deal with the other extreme, the one that talks of leaving the EU and NATO — directly implying the Left opposition.

His statements pose at least three issues. One, Mr Samaras makes clear that his government had accepted the illegal activity of Golden Dawn so far, or that it did not have the will to deal with it. Two, he admits that the government intervenes in the system of justice which supposedly is independent. Three, he promotes once again his plan to crush the Left opposition which disagrees with his government and which protests in public.

The incident that triggered the arrests of Golden Dawn’s most prominent members was the assassination of the antifascist musician Pavlos Fyssas in Nikaia, Athens. Fyssas was the first Greek to be killed by Golden Dawn since the group launched its violent campaign against migrants and — to a lesser extent — against antifascists in 2009. Read the rest of this entry »