Text of the Anarchist Political Organization, calling for solidarity gatherings to the anarchists, members of DAF (Anarchist Revolutionary Action), imprisoned by the fascist regime of Turkey.

Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat Suvariogullari, writer of the newspaper Meydan, who has been confined for the last 23 years, is on hunger strike since the 13th of December 2016 in the prison type T in Yenisakran of Smyrna, denouncing the State of Emergency declared by the Turkish state and the inhuman conditions of imprisonment imposed to all political prisoners. A prison within prison through debarment of visitation, deprivation of all their rights as prisoners and continuous torture.

In the 23rd of December 2016, the court of Istanbul convicted Hüseyin Civan, editor-in-chief of the anarchist newspaper Meydan, of “terrorist propaganda” and in particular “of propaganda for the methods of a terrorist organization constituting coercion, violence or threats through legitimizing or praising or encouraging the use of these methods” and sentenced him to one year and three months in prison. The Chief Public Prosecutor’s office had ordered an investigation on the newspaper since December 2015, related to articles published in its 30th issue with the caption “Banning Everything”.

The imprisonment of Hüseyin Civan is part of the oppressive campaign of the Turkish state, which, during the last years, manifested itself through war in the Kurdish regions, mass persecutions and murderous attacks against movements of resistance and revolutionary organizations. This campaign has been further intensified after the unsuccessful coup d’état of last July and the extension of the state of emergency. Read the rest of this entry »

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Soli Café is a self-organized collective created on January 2016 in order to support and act in solidarity with all refugees and migrants. It is situated in a squat at the capital of the island of Chios. Yesterday, April 7, after a fascist demonstration that took place at the main square of the capital, the squat received an arson attack. In this post we publish the video of the attack and the communiqué of the squat. Read the rest of this entry »

The second public announcement of the five students requested by the Italian authorities for their participation at the No Expo demo that took place in the context of the May Day strike in Milan. 


In May 1st of 2015, a large demo took place in the context of the May Day strike in Milan. It wasn’t just a day of national general strike, but a day of a meeting of movements from all over Italy (grassroots unions, social centers, students’ groups, struggle committees about housing, immigration communities, the No Tav movement etc) against the austerity measures that were voted and applied by the Renzi government. It was also the peak of the NO EXPO movement, against the international exposition EXPO, with the participation of people from many European countries against the glamorous opening of EXPO the very same day. The mass participation and the dynamics of the protest was the peak of a 7-year-old movement which questioned the exposition and its political campaign, setting in crisis the political careers of government officials and local authorities.

Seven years ago, in 2008, the municipality of Milan undertook hosting of the exposition. For its sake, 1,100 acres of land were concreted and local populations were displaced and their houses were expropriated, so they would submit to the development plans and their commercialization. The bosses bet that Milan would be a city attractive to the capital, and were trying to showcase it as a business capital and promote it as the 8th Wonder of the Modern World for the local working class people, to whom they promise development and new jobs. The whole city was stylised with luxurious buildings, new highways and spectacular projects. Behind the showcases of development, the bribes fell like domino one behind the other, the banks lent, managed and laundered money for the rest, the contractors took care to delay the projects so they could overprice them and, of course, among the contractors were involved the mafia with its businesses. Read the rest of this entry »

Athens, Nea Philadelphia: Centauro Social Center demolishedCentauro Social Center demolished. The repression of the various occupied social centers that was begun a few years ago by the rightist government continues with the leftist government. Yesterday, Wednesday August 5, 2015 the bulldozers of the municipality of Nea Philadelphia demolished the building of the Centauri occupied social, located in the neighborhood park.

The decision to demolish the building was taken in March 2015 . In April 2015 the Centauro Assembly issued a statement entitled “A few words about the occupation of Centaur and the dirty war of the municipal authorities” . The statement was issued by the CSO in the face of the danger of demolition by the municipal authorities. A few months later the mechanisms of state and municipal repression proceeded to demolish the CSO building that had been set up by several people who call themselves anti-authoritarians. Lately Centauro has carried out ​​several solidarity actions with the immigrants who have taken refuge in the Champ de Mars, in the center of Athens. Among them we mention a pickup of food and basic necessities.

In the afternoon of the day of the demolition an assembly was held in the demolished CSO space. Also, an event of information and solidarity took place in the center of Thessaloniki.

The text in Spanish, Portuguese.

Alfonso Fernandez Ortega is a young man of 22, citizen of the working class neighborhood of Vagieka, Madrid, who was arrested as he was getting out of his house on 14/11/2012. On that date a general European strike was to take place. He was arrested as he was heading to a strike protection group in his neighborhood. As with all the rest, he was participating in the strike to demand no more unemployment, no more anti-labor reforms, no more cutbacks to social welfare, no privatization of health care or education.

The police accused him of carrying a rucksack with Molotov bombs and charge him with possession of explosives. It seems that in Spain as is the case in Greece, this is a popular police practice for framing demonstrators. Although no fingerprints of Alfonso or other any other evidence was found on the rucksack, he was kept in custody.

Thanks to international solidarity and coordinated protests on 28/12/2012 the media were forced to report the incident and Alfon was released (after 56 days in jail) on 9/01/2013. On the 18/9/2014 , he went on trial, charged with possesion of explosives. If he is found guilty he will face a five and a half year imprisonment. Read the rest of this entry »

After several unsuccessful attempts of the Greek state to shutdown Athens Indymedia domestically, the regime has turned for assistance to the US repressive mechanisms. A few days ago the FBI, through orders by the US department of “Justice”, demanded from the US based administrators of the central server personal information of the contacts in Greece managing the Athens Indymedia subdomain.  With this post we publish the statement of the administrative team, expressing our solidarity with Athens Indymedia, while asking all free and independent media to reproduce the news globally.

On Friday 12/9 Mayfirst collective, which houses part of Athens Indymedia’s infrastructure, informed us about a subpoena they received from the Department Of Justice of the U.S on an investigation conducted by the FBI. Specifically, the FBI demanded all personal data of subscribers using the IP addresses of Athens Indymedia (ie the members of the collective). No further explanation was given for this request and no investigation on the content of the server was mentioned. The request was, of course, not accepted by the Mayfirst collective despite the risks this action entails for its members and its infrastructure.

For us the request betrays, to a large extent, involvement of the Greek authorities. They are well aware that any search or seizure of our equipment wouldn’t endanger the users of Athens Indymedia or shut down the site. They haven’t managed to do so in over 14 years. We believe that this new attack exemplifies the strategy chosen by the state. By specifically targeting members of the collective they want to control and criminalize freedom of speech and dissemination of information as well as acts of social resistance. Read the rest of this entry »

Chalkidiki: Arrests and injuries from a riot police attack on a demonstration of residents near the Skouries Gold MineChalkidiki: Arrests and injuries from a riot police attack on a demonstration of residents near the Skouries Gold MineChalkidiki: Arrests and injuries from a riot police attack on a demonstration of residents near the Skouries Gold MineChalkidiki: Arrests and injuries from a riot police attack on a demonstration of residents near the Skouries Gold MineChalkidiki: Arrests and injuries from a riot police attack on a demonstration of residents near the Skouries Gold MineChalkidiki: Arrests and injuries from a riot police attack on a demonstration of residents near the Skouries Gold Mine
Wednesday, February 19th 2014 15:50: During the protest residents of NE Chalkidiki at Hondro Dendro have been attacked by riot police who were beating and dragging residents on the ground. Women who were participating at the protest formed human chains to stop the passage of buses with workers who were coming out of the construction site. Riot police attacked the demonstrators by beating them and using tear gas resulting in three people being injured and transferred to a local health center, according to information confirmed there were three arrests, two women and a man from Ierissos. The detained women have been transferred to the Polygyros Police Station. (The Ierissos village police station was burned down and abandoned about a year ago during a massive attack on the village by police invading homes during the early hours of the morning and abducting people in the dark).

People are still laying down on the ground unconscious, there is a massive call for medical assistance and residents are standing by for ambulances to arrive. As ambulances are not arriving one man suffering with heart/chest problems is being transported with a patrol car. Live reporting from the sight heard on the “Red” radio station includes statements as “they are dragging women on the ground” and “they are dragging my uncle on the ground who is suffering from heart problems”. “A man is seriously injured and is lying on the ground. Riot police squads have remained at the scene for over half an hour and are waiting for  an ambulance and nothing came. We protest because they are once again breaking the law. They are clearing forest to open up the road, dumping dangerous mining waste, and are building structures without any permits. The police intervened and we did sit down in an act of civil disobedience and they have dragged the women to open up the road, they have arrested two women, one from Gomati and one from Ierissos. The two women injured have been beaten and dragged on the ground. We urgently need an ambulance, a man is suffering from heart problems is laying on the ground” said Lola Chrisouli, an Ierissos resident claimed at the “Red” radio station. Read the rest of this entry »

On Sunday afternoon (Feb. 2nd 2014) in Mesologgi Greece a battalion of heavily armed police (riot unit, Counter Terrorist Unit, Crime Unit OPKE) stormed the social action center “Apothiki” with a district attorney’s order, at the absence of a District Attorney as usually required in such operations, and have detained 16 members of the center, during an assembly meeting, of which 9 are under the age of 18. Possibly due to the center’s participation and co-organizing of a local anti-fascist anti-capitalist rally tonight (Feb. 2nd 2014).

The social center space has been granted by permit of the public radio station that is housed in the same building, and the directors of the station have since been notified about the illegal invasion. Later reports call for charges for intentions to occupy a public building (referring to an abandoned public library “Valvios” that was evicted last summer), possession of weapons (based on the flags/poles inside the social center), disrupting community peace, and for which they will face a prosecutor tomorrow and a trial will be scheduled.

A nearby squat collectivity (that was evicted this past summer) has published a call for solidarity to all class/social struggling entities to broadcast and intensify their actions against the latest wave of totalitarianism we experience here in Greece by the newly appointed European Presidency. Read the rest of this entry »

During the past week in Greece we are witnessing a new phenomenon of repression, based on the excuse of the hunt for a 50+ year old Marxist militant escapee (Chr.Xiros a convicted member of the 70s urban guerilla group “17th of November”), by the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) of the Greek police which has gone on an adventurous run of invading the personal and family homes of anarchists in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Below is a cumulative report of the cases reported to alone, while there are reports of more invasions to homes not yet reported at this counter-information website.  In some cases any findings that could possibly constitute a criminal charge has been used to detain, prosecute, anarchist activists. This is done without substantiating any evidence or relative excuse of why would they be selected as suspects of harboring a fugitive other that police files that describe them as anarchists.

Mainstream/establishment’s media briefly report on this campaign by the CTU without any details of why those search invasions are conducted and what are the criteria of selection of those targeted. Here’s a chronicle of the past 6 days of the number of home invasions/searches that have been conducted, how many trials took place, and how many comrades were charged and/or sentenced. Read the rest of this entry »

Fascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reactionFascist aggression in the murder area of Pavlos Fyssas & immediate antifascist reaction
Shortly before noon on Saturday January 25th, 2014 a group of 80 neo-Nazis arrived at the scene of the murder of antifascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas (murdered by a neo-Nazi assault battalion on September 18, 2013). Paramilitary styled neo-nazis proceeded to a series of attacks in the custody and “discreet” surveillance of the police, who limited themselves to watching, even while desecrating the monument of Pavlos Fyssas, and while attacking a nearby anarchist squat (Resalto) by throwing stones and bricks.

The humanoids painted several Nazi fascist slogans, took the anti-fascist banner hung on the murder scene, destroyed the small memorial tribute to murdered Pavlos Fyssas, and then proceeded to an attack against the Anarchist Resalto, located within walking distance of that place. Fifteen comrades were inside at that time trying to repel the fascists while a few more run from the neighborhood to assist.  The fascists retreated running leaving behind them traces of their nasty presence.

During this new provocative fascist aggression they were dressed in military-type outfits marched with the famous Nazi goose step, carrying shields, helmets and metal clubs, shouting slogans and provoking, insulting and threatening many of the local residents. And all this in the presence of the police. (It is not the first time that the Nazis are backed by police protection during their attacks and other operations). The relationship between the fascist gangs of Golden Dawn (Chrisi Avgi) and the Greek Police is very well documented with hundreds of photos, documents, videos, witness testimonies in court, etc… Read the rest of this entry »