Text of the Anarchist Political Organization, calling for solidarity gatherings to the anarchists, members of DAF (Anarchist Revolutionary Action), imprisoned by the fascist regime of Turkey.

Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat Suvariogullari, writer of the newspaper Meydan, who has been confined for the last 23 years, is on hunger strike since the 13th of December 2016 in the prison type T in Yenisakran of Smyrna, denouncing the State of Emergency declared by the Turkish state and the inhuman conditions of imprisonment imposed to all political prisoners. A prison within prison through debarment of visitation, deprivation of all their rights as prisoners and continuous torture.

In the 23rd of December 2016, the court of Istanbul convicted Hüseyin Civan, editor-in-chief of the anarchist newspaper Meydan, of “terrorist propaganda” and in particular “of propaganda for the methods of a terrorist organization constituting coercion, violence or threats through legitimizing or praising or encouraging the use of these methods” and sentenced him to one year and three months in prison. The Chief Public Prosecutor’s office had ordered an investigation on the newspaper since December 2015, related to articles published in its 30th issue with the caption “Banning Everything”.

The imprisonment of Hüseyin Civan is part of the oppressive campaign of the Turkish state, which, during the last years, manifested itself through war in the Kurdish regions, mass persecutions and murderous attacks against movements of resistance and revolutionary organizations. This campaign has been further intensified after the unsuccessful coup d’état of last July and the extension of the state of emergency. Read the rest of this entry »

Kostas Sakkas (KS) was accused of involvement in the organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”, was first detained in spring of 2010 and released in July 2013, after 38 days on hunger strike, and the manifestation of a huge wave of local and international solidarity movement (twitter: #Sakkas #FreeSakkas #Free_Sakkas).  On his case the constitution and the penal law relating to time limits (of 18 months) of detention without trial was shredded.  The release was accompanied by extremely restrictive conditions (concerning his residence, frequent appearances to authorities, and radius of free movement).  On January 7th, KS was re-arrested and taken to the Three-Member Misdemeanors Court of Athens, in the case of a flagrant because of a few hours visit to a friend’s home. The accusation was ridiculous and completely unfounded in law: (breach of the restrictive condition of permanent residence at his family’s home!)  He was tried and acquitted because the court found that the intra-day friendly visit to another house did not constitute a change of permanent residence; therefore, the restrictive order placed on his release was not violated in any way.

However, the repressive mechanisms could not acknowledge the failure of their design; they wanted KS back to prison. KS should return to prison at any cost to the credibility of bourgeois institutions. [Not because KS did something, but in a way it was a response, by the bourgeois regime and repressive mechanisms, for the discrediting disappearance of Christophoros Ksiros (November 17th convicted member on leave after a lengthy imprisonment).  Also, due to the publicity received by the great solidarity movement to another anarchist prisoner, Spyros Stratoulis who after 61 days of a near lethal hunger strike (protesting the interruption of his right to periodic leave) was acquitted in court, which was the reason for revoking his right to periodic leave,  provided and entitled by law]. Read the rest of this entry »

On Thursday May 30, 2013, at around 21:30 pm, five people in a private car in the center of Athens abducted Bulut Yayla a Kurdish (Turkish citizen) political refugee. At that time the 24 year old Yayla was leaving a small Kurdish restaurant, when five people pounced on him, beat him and threw him in their car, covering his eyes and mouth. Four of the five kidnappers got into the car and vanished, while the fifth walked to where a Greek police patrol car was parked, for a few minutes after the incident.

The Kurdish political refugee kidnapping took place in front of some people who came to listen to the victim for help. Some of  them recorded the license plate of the car (ZKI 8462). Relatives, lawyers and fellow investigating the issue contend that the unmarked car belongs to the Greek Police. Police officials denied all allegations and involvement and ordered an official inquiry on the issue;  after the delivery of the victim was complete.

The next day the Greek Police moved the kidnapped victim close to the Turkish border, where they handed him to the Turkish (counter) terrorism agency.  Throughout the mission he was wearing a hood and continued till the time he entered the Turkish agency van, according to the complaint filed later by the kidnapped. The vehicle crossed the border through an opening in the fence, bypassing customs control. Past the border he was forced into another vehicle and  another group of cops took charge of his transfer to Istanbul, some of whom spoke English, Turkish, and more … Read the rest of this entry »