Alfonso Fernandez Ortega is a young man of 22, citizen of the working class neighborhood of Vagieka, Madrid, who was arrested as he was getting out of his house on 14/11/2012. On that date a general European strike was to take place. He was arrested as he was heading to a strike protection group in his neighborhood. As with all the rest, he was participating in the strike to demand no more unemployment, no more anti-labor reforms, no more cutbacks to social welfare, no privatization of health care or education.

The police accused him of carrying a rucksack with Molotov bombs and charge him with possession of explosives. It seems that in Spain as is the case in Greece, this is a popular police practice for framing demonstrators. Although no fingerprints of Alfonso or other any other evidence was found on the rucksack, he was kept in custody.

Thanks to international solidarity and coordinated protests on 28/12/2012 the media were forced to report the incident and Alfon was released (after 56 days in jail) on 9/01/2013. On the 18/9/2014 , he went on trial, charged with possesion of explosives. If he is found guilty he will face a five and a half year imprisonment.

Repression in Spain has come to a scandalous increase, leading to an incredible violation of human rights and freedom. Fines have been imposed on thousands of people, very often based on surveillance camera images (as the police claim). More than thousands have been or are to be on trial. Hundreds of them are threatened to be imprisoned because of their participation in labour, political or trade-union struggles.

Particularly after the great strikes of 2010-2012 and the «Indignant movement» the government penalises any kind of social action excessively and exhaustively. Many new prohibitions have been added to the legal «arsenal» to repress strikes and demonstrations.

This terrorising reality that social and labour struggles suffer in Spain is not unknown to us. The assault against human rights and freedom is the employers and governors common choice in every country when the oppressed stand up for themselves.

The Coordination Group for Alfon’s freedom has organised a series of movements both in Vagiekas and Madrid as well as all around Spain. Alfon’s trial has been set for the 19/09/14. The trial was postponed because the three policemen-witnesses from the prosecution didn’t show up. This reminds us of a popular tactic of the Greek police.The new trial had been set for 06/11/14 but has finally been postponed for the 25/11/14. Protests in support of Alfon’s will continue to take place in many countries outside Spanish embassies and consulates.

We will organise a protest outside the Spanish embassy in Athens on the 21/11/14 as an act of solidarity to Alfon.

Stop Alfonso Fernandez Ortega’s prosecution. The fabrication against him will fall down. Solidarity is worker’s weapon.

Athens-Madrid-Lisbon: Everybody out on the streets, everybody join our struggle. Greece-France-Spain: Our enemy is banks and ministries.

Solidarity to Alfon (falsely accused demonstrator in Madrid)

Protest at spanish embassy (Dion. Areopagitou 21), Friday 21 November, 18.00 a.m.

Solidarity Iniciative

Send your protest messages in Spanish embassy (, FAX: 210-9213901). Notify the concerted group for Alfon’s freedom about your messages (

The text in spanish.

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