Text of the Autonomous Struggle Meeting, about the case of the Acheloos river diversion and the operation of the hydroelectric dam in Mesochora village.

The operation of the hydroelectric dam in Mesochora village and the hydroelectric factory nearby, will be responsible for the destruction of Acheloos river, while the diversion of the river will cause major disasters for both natures and the human communities around there, as large areas will sink into mud, biotopes will disappear and houses will be evacuated from the so called Public Power Corporation, so that the dam and the factory can be put into operation.

Following the policy of previous governments, the “left wing” government of Syriza continues to promote the interests of private companies, giving the green light to the operation of the dam. There is a plan on privatization of the social resources (like water) and their exploitation by large companies. The Acheloos dam is a part of it, as the state continuing wastes huge amounts of social wealth for the construction and the maintenance of dams and factories that have devastating effects on the environment and society, and which will be given to individuals for their own profit.

The case of Acheloos River diversion is very important for the state, which provides ongoing founding for that and has announced the immediate operation of the dam. We should not forget that the political party of Syriza (which now is one of the government coalition parties) was the one that for years has claimed that it was opposed to the construction of hydroelectric dams. Its members participated in mobilizations against the dam and the diversion, aiming at the absorption and finally the ending of social struggles, while at the same time they used their emblem through those struggles to rise to power. It is the same party that actually, being government, promotes “green energy” projects and the operation of dams and mines, which is devastating for nature and profitable for capitalists.

We, as Autonomous Struggle Meeting, support the social struggles and the rise of the local communities that fight for the protection of both the natural world and their homes and regions. We fight for the sharpening, the radicalization and the broadening of the social struggle from below, and we stand in solidarity with all struggling collectively against the pillage of nature.

Autonomous Struggle Meeting

Source: http://apo.squathost.com/.

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